Ride it Forward Scholarship Programs

Our mission statement is to grow the sport of motorcycling through quality rider education programs. We know that riders who are properly educated and wear proper gear, will enjoy motorcycling for a longer period of time, have more fun, and will influence more people to become motorcyclist.

We also know that motorcycling is expensive and that there are situations in which there is a desire to acquire proper rider education, but budget doesn’t allow that possibility.

ChampSchool has partnered with some fantastic organizations, individuals, and companies to help provide financial assistance, scholarships, mentorship programs, and equipment to people who may not have the means to acquire quality rider education on their own.

Let’s Grow the Sport. Let’s Ride it Forward.



The Jim StoGDill Street Survival Scholarship


The Jim Stogdill Street Survival scholarship wants to make something great come out of a very bad day.

Jim is a multi-time graduate of the Yamaha Champions Riding School and is a life-long rider. When he decided on ChampSchool he wasn’t “returning to riding,” having never left, but he had been putting a lot more miles in and knew enough to know that he didn’t want to be one of those “I don’t know officer, he just ran wide in the corner” statistics.

In the summer of 2021 he was enjoying a Saturday afternoon of “helmet therapy” on his beloved ’93 Ducati 900ss when an oncoming pickup signaled left, came to a complete stop, and then inexplicably turned sharply into Jim’s lane just as he entered the intersection. There was nowhere to go. But Jim was covering the brakes and consciously loaded the tire before rapidly increasing brake pressure like he learned at ChampSchool. Unfortunately, there was no avoiding twenty feet of pickup truck filling his lane at that last moment, but he had slowed approaching the intersection and he braked hard enough to scrub off more speed and save his life. It was still a very hard impact but Jim is still here with all limbs intact, sadly the ’93 Duc isn’t.

The next day between painful rib pain spasms he kept thinking about Nick Ienatsch calling him out every time he went by “Hey, Street Rider, cover that brake!” He was sure that changed habit had saved him. He decided right then if he got a settlement he would use it to give back to the sport he loved.

He called ChampSchool to say thanks and to offer a scholarship to provide ChampSchool and the Champ U – Core Curriculum for new riders, returning riders, and experienced riders with old habits; anyone who could benefit from improving their skills.

Potential candidates are encouraged to fill out the form below and explain how they would use this experience to grow the sport of motorcycling by encouraging rider education.



Here are the details:

  • Fill out the application below to apply.
  • Selectees will be responsible for all travel, lodging, and other expenses incurred with attending this experience.
  • Scholarships are distributed on a quarterly basis.
  • Selectees will be selected based on need, special circumstances, and the ability or desire to influence others to get into motorcycling or get educated to ride motorcycles better.
  • Selectees will receive (1) ChampSchool Scholarship, (1) Champ U Core Curriculum Program, and (1) Champ U Program Gift Code to give away.






Candidates who submit an application certify the information provided on the application is correct to the best of their knowledge. Falsification of information will automatically disqualify a candidate from receiving any scholarships. Candidates agree that if awarded a scholarship, ChampSchool may share their name and scholarship information on social media, email marketing, and/or press releases.

ChampSchool prohibits discrimination and harassment and provides equal opportunity in its scholarships, programs, and activities. This is the case regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, veteran status or medical condition.

General Requirements for Application:

  • Applicants Must be U.S. Citizens and at least 18 years old or have a parent/guardian’s permission to submit their application.
  • Scholarships may not be combined.
  • Scholarships are non-transferable.
  • Scholarships are non-refundable.

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Your cover letter should be no longer than one page, double spaced, 14 point font, and must include the following: (1) Riding experience; (2) Brief description of how this scholarship will help you; (3) Brief description of how you will use the knowledge gained to help others.
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You must provide your own motorcycle and riding gear.