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January 25, 2017. After a two-year hiatus during which Mr. Hill developed the successful and high-end Rickdiculous Racing Program, he is returning to the company that helped develop him. Ken will also continue to lead Rickdiculous Racing’s elite coaching and Moto-America race team programs.

Hill states, “For 2017, Rick unveiled Rick 2.0 to focus even more on its 1-1 program, the Rick Development Camp and its newly formed Moto-America team. In returning to YCRS as its Managing Director, I will be able to blend the offerings of Rick and YCRS together. It really is an amazing opportunity! My ultimate goal is to deliver the techniques and habits of the best riders in the world to every rider in the world. Coming back to YCRS gives me the opportunity to reach more riders at every level and deliver this critical message. This is the direction we need in our sport, a firmer foundation from the leaders in the industry, coming together and presenting a solid consensus of what is right in motorcycle training. This is how we need to grow our sport and Rick and YCRS have stepped up to support my growth and future in this industry.”

Nick Ienatsch adds, “It has been incredible to watch Ken work with Adam and Josh Bronfman and develop the Rick program. It has done so much for so many riders. Ken and I always thought there should be another extension of our school, and having Ken back as our Managing Director brings YCRS that extension through an alliance with Rickdiculous Racing. We are thrilled to have Ken back as well as being able to throw our support behind Rickdiculous Racing.”

“Adam Bronfman states, “Josh and I are excited that many more people will have access to Ken’s instruction. Ken’s passion and energy are boundless. You will find Ken at all the Rick Coaching Days, at every Rick Rider Development Camp, and at all the YCRS days. If you go to a MotoAmerica event, you will see Ken managing our RiCK MotoAmerica team as our Crew chief.”
Hill has excelled as a racer coach, helping riders such as 2010 (and 2012) AMA Daytona Sportbike Champion Martin Cardenas, 2015 MotoAmerica Supersport champion JD Beach as well as Valentin Debise.

Look for YCRS to expand and roll out even more programs not only for riders, but for instructors as well. YCRS and Rick will be offering programs to deliver incredible individual experiences, all structured to enable you to be the rider you want to be, regardless of your riding experience or goals.

New rider. Old rider. Pro Racer. Street or Track, we’ve got your back.

“We’ve got great ideas on how to better the sport and our growth has allowed us the ability to test these ideas and bring back the guy who can help implement them,” says Keith Culver, COO of YCRS. “Our students, new and returning, will the be the ones who get the most benefit from this alliance. Return students, keep your eye out for some new programs to further your riding expertise.”

About the Yamaha Champions Riding School
Yamaha Champions Riding School is the nation’s premier motorcycle training program. YCRS is the evolution of the Freddie Spencer High Performance Riding School and is led by former racer, author, and right hand man of Spencer; Nick Ienatsch. YCRS uses “Champions Habits” to teach all riders the skills and techniques used by the top riders in the world to go faster, stay safer, or both. YCRS is dedicated to making all motorcycle riders safer and more in control of their riding, no matter what type of riding they do. For more information visit www.ridelikeachampion.com or www.champschool.com and to see the wonderful motorcycles you have access to during a ChampSchool at one of our home bases, go to http://yamaha.us/StreetMotorcycle-YCRS .