Criteria Requirements to be followed

  1. NCCAR buildings are limited access. Only lobby, restrooms and classroom are open for use. All other spaces are off limits for our tenant’s safety. Violation will result in the building being closed again.
  2. Pits to be distanced 10 feet apart (minimum)
  3. Mask required / 6 feet social distancing required
  4. Alcohol hand sanitizers (minimum of 60% alcohol) located at multiple areas.
  5. Signage at entrance, bathrooms, showers, etc. instructing on social distancing guidelines.
  6. PA announcements on social distancing.
  7. Bathrooms disinfected regularly and high touch areas to be disinfected every hour.
  8. Waivers will be handled electronically.
  9. Security personnel will help maintain social distancing measures.
  10. No concession stands are to be open. Participants are asked to bring their own food and drinks.
  11. You are ask to handle your own trash. We will provide bags for you to drop in the big dumpsters.