Yamaha Champions Riding School instructor, Scott Russell, will be guest instructing at the N2 Track Days 3-day event on Saturday this coming weekend. For the few of you in the world that don’t know who Scott is, he is a multi-time AMA Champion, World Superbike Champion, and the voice of American road racing.

Participants will be able to ride on the track with Scott, maybe get a few YCRS inspired pointers or one of his famous two-up rides on a YCRS prepped Yamaha FZ-1, and then be able to enjoy a burger with Mr. Daytona as he will be joining N2 for some BBQ after the riding has completed.

Rumor has it that there are just a few spots left so if you’d like to be on track with an American icon or see some of the skills taught at the Yamaha Champions Riding School, go to www.n2td.org, email info@n2td.org, or call them directly at 855-263-0200.