Hire An Instructor

Can the Champions School do special events? Yes! Any or all staff are available for bike nights, club meetings, rally participation, club clinics…any motorcycle-related activity that needs a splash of the Champ School. Many clubs hire an YCRS senior instructor to join their track days and put on clinics at lunch, ride with a group, help the Control Riders learn their craft. The YCRS instructors are comfortable behind a microphone too and lead rallies and bike shows all over the country.

YCRS offers private coaching at our location or yours. One of our top notch instructors can come to help you at your local track day, act as your personal coach during your races, speak at your event, perform rider clinic, street rides, or coach your coaches.

At Inde Motorsports Ranch, you can hire Chris Peris, (track record holder) to work with you one-on-one or in a small private group. Chris adds GPS Data Acquisition to a full day of heavy video coaching that has been touted as the only investment that could rival the YCRS ChampSchool.

Click here to contact YCRS, learn more, and discuss dates that best work for you and let’s get the Champions involved in your club or group!

If you’ve already spoken with and coordinated logistics with your private instructor, click here or see the register button below to register and pay for your lessons.