Motorcycle Training Classes

YCRS’s training curriculum is based on Champion’s Habits.  The techniques and skills that the best riders in the world use to either go faster, stay safer, or both!  If nine of the top ten riders are all doing a similar technique, wouldn’t you agree that there is a good chance it’s the right way to do it?  That’s Champions Habits.  We did not invent them but we have polled the best and use these skills for many years, proving that they just plain work!  We’ve also been very successful at highlighting how our motorcycles are designed to be ridden.  The motorcycles are often designed by these best riders in the world so it is easy to see how the Champions Habits usually mirror how our bikes are meant to be ridden.


ChampSchool is our famed two-day training curriculum originally designed for the Freddie Spencer High-Performance Riding School in the 90s, based on what we call “Champions Habits”.  “Champions Habits” are the techniques that the best riders in the world are using.  If nine of the top ten riders are all doing a similar technique, that is what we teach.  To be a Champion, you must not only be able to go fast but do it without falling down.  These are the riders we want to emulate.  It’s all about the technique, the speed will come. Said best by one of our high ranking Marine Corps Safety Officers in 2014, “Before ChampSchool, every turn was a gamble, after YCRS every turn is complete control”.  This is what Champions Habits are all about; the habits that can help you go faster, stay safer or do both.

A combination of drills, lead-follow lapping, open lapping, discussions, on-track demonstrations, and on-track video recording will help our students meet their goals and exceed their expectations.  Students will enjoy lapping in passenger vans with a pro behind the wheel so they can hear what the instructor is thinking and doing in each corner of the track.  Students will be videotaped from behind on day one, then critiqued, and again on day two to see their improvements and what they still need to work on.

ChampSchool is still two days and still known around the US as the top tier rider training program in the country, often said to fill the space at the tippy-top of the motorcycle training “food” pyramid touting a 4:1 (5:1 MAX) student to instructor ratio.

Price for ChampSchool can vary but starts at about $2200 for tuition which includes your catered meals, continental breakfast both days, lunch both days, and dinner the night between.  Bike and gear rental is extra and lodging is on your own (we do have some discounts at our home tracks).


ChampDay is new in format but not in technique.  With an 8:1 instructor ratio, ChampDay is BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike) and designed for those who cant get out of work for two days or quite afford the two-day ChampSchool.  ChampDay could be called “Intro to YCRS” or “ChampSchool Light”.  ChampDay is one day where we introduce you to these Champions Habits, show you some proper, and sometimes not-so-proper ways of using them to better your riding and overall control of your motorcycle.  Give us one day and you will understand why our two-day ChampSchools often have a waiting list to get in.  For about $500, you can get introduced to the habits of the best riders in the world.

Street rider?  No gear?  No leathers?  No interest in becoming a track rider but can’t wait to get to our rare ChampStreet class?  ChampDay sometimes reserves one group for street riders that fit these criteria.  We use the same track for training but we modify it and keep the speeds down to highway speeds.  Riders can come in street gear (Helmet, jacket, any boots over the ankle, and gloves) and learn the same Champions Habits that racers and track riders use to stay safer.  Our techniques apply to any rider, on any bike, on any road.  This group is typically based on demand so if you’re not sure, reach out and ask.

*As mentioned, ChampDay is Bring Your Own Bike but the exception to this policy is for previous graduates of YCRS.  Based on availability, because statistically YCRS grads are ten times LESS likely to fall down than non-grads and we need these bikes for ChampSchool, rentals are limited to graduates only and at our home tracks.


ChampStreet is also new in name but not format or technique.  ChampStreet is based on Sunset Clinics by Nick Ienatsch in Colorado and was used as a baseline for the REST (Riders Essential Skills Training) program for the US Marine Corps.  When the Marines come and ask you to redesign their system because ours is better than what they have, pride gets an entirely different meaning.  ChampStreet is for ANY type of motorcycle, comes in half and whole day versions, and does not require you to have full track gear (leathers).

We use ChampStreet to help riders realize that the same Champions Habits the top riders and racers in the world use also apply to you going out on a Sunday ride on your adventure bike, crossing the country on your gold wing, or running up to the store for a gallon of milk on your Sportster.  There is a reason Harley sends us their engineers every year.  ChampStreet is a good way to come and see why.

ChampStreet Ranges in price depending on location.  If you have a location, even a very large parking lot, that you think would work for ChampStreet, we encourage you to reach out and tell us!

During the main riding season, YCRS is based at New Jersey Motorsports Park.  NJMP is host to the MotoAmerica series, the USA’s professional racing series as well as multiple national and world level races of the four-wheeled variety.  YCRS has it’s shop located inside the Thunderbolt Paddock at NJMP and is often open during major events.

During the winter, from November to March, YCRS moves west to Inde Motorsports Ranch in Willcox, Arizona, near Tucson. This world-class country-club track is 21 turns and a ton of fun, surrounded by amazing infrastructure and managed by a motorcycle-loving staff. Riding at Inde is a great escape from winter and a terrific way to reach your riding goals.

Thanks to a partnership with Yamaha, students ride R3s, R6s, FZ-07s, FZ-09s, FZ1s, and even the occasional R1. For shorter riders, we will offer the FZ-07 and R3, and taller riders may choose the FZ1. The bikes roll on Dunlop’s Q3, the leading high-performance street/track-day tire in the world. “These are amazing tires.” Those are the words of AMA-winning instructor Chris Peris.

For every one of our classes, each instructor is charged with completely immersing themselves in the needs of their groups and making the adjustments needed by each student.  While we could go on for days with detail after detail, everyone has different needs and since Rule #5 of the only five rules we have is that the “Customer Gets What They Need”, call 855-RIDEYCRS or email teachme@ridelikeachampion.com with your set questions and let us begin to get you what you need.