Answers to YCRS Questions! And You Can Call or Write With More Qs!

Whats the short version of the difference in programs?


ChampSchool – Two Days, the full program, van lapping, video review both days, on track drills, 4:1 instructor ratio, catered breakfast and lunch, dinner on first night by YCRS, bike and gear rentals for all riders is available. This is the top tier rider training program in the country. Starts at $1995.

ChampDay – “Intro to ChampSchool” or “YCRS Light” it is often called. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike). Previous graduates can request bike and gear rental. ChampStreet 9Street Riders without full gear) can register and we will have a special group for you with lower speeds (due to no gear) but the same habits for better motorcycle control. 8:1 ratio. Learn the Champions Habits the right way and the wrong way and then go practice them with some supervision but not as much as a ChampSchool. Not ChampSchool but still the best value available for this price. $495

ChampStreet – For street riders only. No track riding speeds allowed. Legal highway speeds. No full gear required. Half Day option or full day option. Riders of any type of motorcycle can come and learn how to take the techniques the best riders use and apply them to any road. Based on Colorados sunset clinics and Marine Corps REST program. $160 – $495.

Private and Semi Private Instruction – Students who cant work out their schedules to fit ours can contact us and work out a time to come out and work privately or in a small group. This is very flexible in Arizona at Inde Motorsports Park but can also be done on the east coast in conjunction with a track day. Call for details and pricing due to travel cost variations.

Hire YCRS to come to you – YCRS and it’s instructors can be hired individually, as a team, and even with motorcycle demo availability. Coaching, privately or groups, teach your control riders, cook your bbq lunch, parking lot clinics, corporate events, you name it and we can probably do it.

Demo – YCRS is the official Yamaha Champions Sportbike Demo program in the US. You can solicit us to come out to your events and demo all of Yamahas new motorcycles allowing your customers to test these bikes out for free. This program works best in conjunction with you local dealer. Contact us for details.

I want to be an amazing rider. Which exhaust system and shock absorber should I buy?

Hmmm…how about this: Save your money on bike mods and invest in rider mods. The number one most important upgrade to the motorcycle is the “On-board Engineer”. Upgrade the rider! Our instructors and graduates know that YCRS will make you significantly faster, safer and more consistent than anything you can do to your bike. Today’s bikes are awesome: Let’s improve the rider!

Where do we stay when we come to a YCRS school?

In New Jersey:

1. – NJMP VIP Suites, $75 per night plus taxes. Call the track and mention you are with the Yamaha Champions Riding School for the discount via (856) 327-8000 or book online by clicking here and using the Drivers Club Code “YCRS” to obtain teh discount.

2. – The Fairfield Inn and Suites of Millville / Vineland. The nicest hotel in the area also allows our students to use the discount from Evolution Racing’s (ur COO’s Youth Race Team) sponsorship. Call 1-856-776-2400 and mention Evolution Racing or click here and use the discount code LPR .

Either way you choose, you won’t be dissapointed.

In Arizona:

1. – The Holiday Inn Express in Wilcox found here can be had for only $61 per night if you are a student of YCRS. You can call them at 520-384-3333 to book because they don’t yet have an online discount system. This hotel is the newest and nicest in the are.

2. – Inde Motorsports Ranch Casitas. You can now stay at the track in one of Inde’s high end Casitas and feel wht it would be like to have a luxory condo with a race track in your back yard. Contact info@indemotorsports.com or call 520-384-0796 for details. Click here for details.

What airport do you recommend for the Inde, Arizona, schools?

Most students fly into Tucson, rent a car (sorry, no Payless in Tucson yet…) and drive 45 minutes south to Willcox. If you prefer Phoenix, the drive is closer to three hours.

I’m flying into Philadelphia and will need a rental car. Do you have a recommendation?

Yes! And a 20-percent discount code! Click on www.paylesscar.com and get signed up. You can use this discount code at the airport location, Northeast Philly and even Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
In the Promo Code box type in YCRS01 for a 20-percent reduction in Payless’s already-low rates. Here are a few more contacts for the Payless center at the Philly airport: Phone: 215-492-5500, extension 2, and you can even e-mail the Payless Vice-President (and YCRS graduate) James Easley directly at jeasley419@gmail.com.

What is the rescheduling/cancellation policy?

You can cancel outside of 30 days from the start of school and pay a small 10% fee.  Within 30 days of the school, there are no cancellations but you can reschedule and be subject to the same 10% fee.  Your rescheduled class must be used within one year of your original date or you forfeit your payment.  You can only reschedule one time or you forfeit your payment.  For the two-day ChampSchool, there are no cancellations or rescheduling allowed inside of 14 days.  The only exception is if you or we can find someone to take your seat in which we will reschedule you if inside the 30 days.For ChampDay and ChampStreet, you can still reschedule minus the fee if it inside of the 30 days.
Cancellation and reschedule requests must be made by calling Keith Culver at 855-743-3927 or emailing teachme@ridelikeachampion.com

What time does YCRS end each day?

The first day may go long, so sometime around 6:00 – 6:30pm and second day will end around 5:30pm.

What should I wear?

Shorts or biking shorts and t-shirt or long sleeve t-shirt. Socks. Desire to improve.

Why does the school average a student return rate of 40-percent per class?

Ask any graduate about us and then come see for yourself.

I see that four of your instructors (Nick, Ken, Dale and Shane) taught at the Freddie Spencer School. What does that mean to me?

Freddie Spencer school is our predecessor and at the very core of our curriculum. Many of our other instructors, such as Mark Schellinger, Chris Peris, Garrett Willis, George Grass and Phil Horwitz are former students of the Freddie Spencer School.
What it means to you is this:
If you enjoyed the Spencer School, or heard something good about it, have faith that YCRS will provide the same single-purpose desire to HELP YOU. Each of these instructors has struggled mightily to succeed in this sport and they realize how difficult “riding well” can be. It’s a little thing called humility. These guys have fought through the same barriers you are finding in your riding now, and they can help you reach and exceed your goals. These are not random guys. Nick, Ken, Chris, Kyle, Dale, Shane, Mark, Garrett, and Scott are the best in the business, and when you add in George Grass, Phil Horwitz and Keith Culver, students’ needs will be met.

What’s the deal with Scott Russell?

Mr. Daytona came to YCRS as a guest instructor five years ago and has never left! He believes in the school’s message and participates in every facet of the schools he’s able to attend.

Can you teach me to run perfect laps?

Sorry, but a “perfect lap” just doesn’t exist in this sport. What we will teach you is how to adjust speed and line with the bike’s controls, your eyes and body. Humans make mistakes, learning how to recover early to not just your mistakes, but surprises that often crop up during a street ride, will make you a better rider. In life, we rarely crash on a perfect day, we crash when something else enters the picture, like too much entrance speed, gravel in the lane, a tree limb blocking your line. We will teach you how to deal with and avoid these problems. Our instructors have won championships due to their ability to finish races at an extremely fast pace on used-up tires, in the rain, passing back-markers, and you can too.

I will never race, don’t want to race, don’t care about racing. Is this a racing school?

No! We don’t take lap times and we don’t care who passes whom. Our main focus is improving any rider, of any discipline, on any bike and any piece of pavement. Racing and street riding share the common skillset of bike control. Do a bad job of bike control on the track and you lose the race, run off the track and possibly even crash. Do a similar bad job of bike control on the street and you face much greater risks: like crossing the centerline into oncoming traffic or running wide into a guardrail. Come to YCRS to learn bike control on a “big, wide road” with nothing to hit should you run wide in a corner.

My friend is really fast and I just started riding. Can we come to the same school?

Yes. Because we keep our class sizes small you and your friend will get personal and specific instruction to move each of you along your learning curve. This is not a “one-size-fits-all” school; we work with each individual, from the just-licensed beginner to the AMA pro racer. Our number one priority is to meet your goals.

I own a Victory cruiser. Can I still come to your school?

Yes! Our group of instructors has done extensive work with cruiser and touring-bike riders over the years and can help anyone on any bike they ride. And know this: Harley-Davidson has sent their engineers to YCRS for the last nine years. But we want to warn you right now: you will be hooked on sport-bikes and will be visiting your Yamaha dealer to spend money; these things are addicting!

Do you provide gear rental?

Gear rental is $25/day for an Arai helmet, $75/day for an Alpinestars suit, $10/day for Alpinestars gloves and $20/day for Alpinestars boots.
If you are renting a suit, we recommend you bring light, close fitting under-gear, for ease of getting in and out of your suit.

How old do I need to be? Do I need a motorcycle license?

We don’t have age restrictions and we’ve had students as young as 12. As long as you have the ability to operate a 600cc sport-bike, like releasing the clutch, shifting the gears, using the brakes, and lifting it off the side-stand, you’re welcome at YCRS. If young riders want to bring smaller bikes, such as the Moriwaki 250, arrangements can be made.
Our school can handle complete beginners, but most students find the school more beneficial if they have already had some riding experience on a dirt bike or small street bike during a Motorcycle Safety Foundation school, etc. Beyond that, all we require is a clear, focused and sincere desire to learn from the best in the business.

Do we ride in the rain?

It’s always the student’s choice to ride in any conditions, but yes, the school will continue in the rain.

Can my family come out and take pictures etc.?

Yes they can. The catered lunches and snacks are for paying students. Check with your sales representative for guest lunch and snack pricing.

What is my liability?

You are liable for all damage to the motorcycle and any rental gear. This includes getting the bike back into the perfect condition it was when you got on it the first time. For $100 per day you can purchase a property-damage waiver option to limit financial responsibility to $3,500.00. Without the limited liability, you assume full financial responsibility, up to full replacement value of the motorcycle. This is standard in the school industry, except our liability package is better.

What happens if I crash?

If you’re hurt or your bike is un-repairable, you’re done riding for that school. If you’re okay, understand why you fell down and we can fix your bike, we’ll get you back on track. Any student who crashes is responsible for the repair costs. We all make mistakes and the YCRS crew knows that you came to ride, so we’ll do our best to get you back on a bike if you know and understand why you fell.

I’m a girl, can I come to your school?

Heck yeah! Twenty- to fifty-percent of each school will be women riders and we have facilities to make anyone comfortable. We have Yamaha’s FZ07 and R3 if your inseam is short, or you can attend on your own bike. We encourage husbands and wives to attend together as well as fathers and daughters. Sign up now!

Will I be able to ride really fast at your school?

Yes, you will be allowed to ride as fast as the bike, rider and track allow. We have no speed limits at YCRS, but we do have control limits. Speed is a direct reflection of how you use the controls, and we will stress proper control usage. To us, too much entrance speed isn’t really a “speed” issue; it’s a “lack of control” issue.

What if I don’t think I’m fast enough to come to your school?

In fact, the earlier you can attend the better your riding life will be. If you have a new rider in your life, get him or her to our school before they learn a bunch of bad (dangerous) habits. DO NOT worry about your speed…speed comes as techniques improve.

What if I’m tall and the 600s are a tight fit?

No worries, we’ll put you on an FZ09, FZ07 or FZ1. The FZ line is a fantastic sport bike for tall guys.

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes! For 2015 we are adjusting our policy on riding your own bike. We ask that you have a kickstand and a brake light in order to get the most out the good money you are spending. You can go without, but these two items will give you your best return on investment. We also ask your bike is not too loud. There are not set sound rules but if your bike is interfering with the school or other students’ class, we will hand you a nice, quiet kick-ass stock bike to finish with. Oh, and there is no price change for the school. We still have to pay for the bikes but we realize some people have not signed up out of fear of being responsible for our bikes. If you want to just arrive, know that our school bikes are fresh, clean, tuned and taken care of, complete with sticky Dunlop tires.

What bikes will I ride?

How about the best 600 on the planet, the Yamaha R6? Thought you’d like that. And a few FZ1s for those of long inseam that just can’t fold themselves on a 600. Add the FZ09, FZ07 and R3 to deliver a terrific choice of bikes. You might even get some laps on our R1s during the second day. Need more? How about a race-prepped AMA Superstock R1? A full-on Graves 600 Supersport bike? A Pegram-Racing 600? Oh yeah…life is good at YCRS.

What is the daily schedule of activities?

Day One:

7:30 am: Check-in at race track


First four Champions Habits

Orientation laps in van

On-track demonstrations

Classroom session

Track session (lead/follow and two-up rides)

Lunch, GP discussion

Braking drill, downshifting drill, track-change drill

Filming of each student

Film review, wrap-up at around 6 pm

Group dinner

Day Two:

8 am: Check-in at race track

Classroom session: Three types of corners, steering geometry discussion

Track session (lead/follow and two-up rides)

Drills (initial throttle and trail braking)

Film each student

Lunch, film review, GP discussion

Track session (Lapping)

Drills (Rear brake, body timing, lead and don’t follow),

Track session (lapping, Championship Lap, track-change drill)

Graduation around 5 pm.

Day Three:

More elements of day one and two plus:

Suspension lecture

Suspension-related lapping, and depending on the program, dirt track riding!

*Daily schedules of activities are subject to change.

I am a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) school graduate. What is the YCRS/MSF connection?

The Yamaha Champions school is now an MSF-recognized Tier Three school, one of only two in the country. This means that the riding education you began with the MSF Beginning and Advanced courses will be continued with your time at YCRS.

What programs do you offer?

The Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS) offers two-day or three-day schools aimed at all street or track-day riders. This school covers it all: from u-turns, to trail braking, to foot-peg loading, to entering blind corners in an unknown canyon. You will find brand-new riders in this school, as well as seasoned veterans back for their fourth class, all interested in becoming better street riders and more proficient track-day participants.
YCRS is also involved with several track-day providers such as N2 and Trackdaz; These track days will often feature a YCRS coach. We also have extensive military training in process.

Do you have a facility map?

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

How do I sign up?

Under “Enroll Today” you’ll find everything you need.
Or if you prefer call us at 1-855-RIDEYCRS (743-3927)

What kind of money is this whole deal?

The two-day schools which include our bikes, tires, gas and Yale-University-recognized curriculum are $2,395 and the three-day programs are $3,395. Tuition includes breakfast snacks and coffee, a delicious, nutritious lunch, as well as dinner at the clubhouse on the first school day, or first two days in the three-day schools. Oh…and a clear path to becoming the rider you dream of being.

Where is the New Jersey Motorsports Park (summer track) and Inde Motorsports Ranch (winter track)?

New Jersey Motorsports Park: 8000 Dividing Creek Road, Millville, NJ 08332

NJMP main switchboard: 856-327-8000

NJMP operator: 856-327-7202
Website: www.njmp.com

Mailing Address: 47 Warbird Drive, Millville, NJ 08332
Directions: https://www.njmp.com/general-information/
Inde Motorsports Ranch: 9301 West Airport Road, Willcox, AZ 85643
Phone: (520) 384-0796
Fax: (520) 384-0797
Website: www.indemotorsports.com

Is there anything I can do to prepare for YCRS?

Yes. Work on your fitness, especially core strength. Stretch a lot. Read Nick Ienatsch’s Sport Riding Techniques. Sign up for fastersafer.com and study the articles and videos. Get on our YouTube channel and study the information. Bring desire and an open mind. Get ready for a life-changing two days.