Policies / FAQ

These are the policies of theYamaha Champions Riding School as Frequently Asked Questions.
If there is a policy you don’t see addressed or a question not covered, please call 800-RIDEYCRS or email teachme@rchampschool.com

What are the prices?

We have a lot of programs and options so here is a list of our more common pricing.  Keep in mind, we can customize just about any program for your budget (within reason of course).   Two-Day ChampSchool Tuition: $1995  (Includes breakfast and lunch for both days and dinner the night in between) Motorcycle Rental:  $400 (only available at home schools; NJMP and IMR) Catastrophic Insurance: $200  ($3500 deductible) Alpinestars Leather Riding Suit: $200  (standard sizes only) Arai Helmet Rental: $50 Alpinestars Boot Rental: $30 Alpinestars Gloves Rental: $20 Alpinestars Back Protector: $10 Private Coach for two days: $1,000  (have a junior instructor at your side paying attention to only you for the two days while you take the standard class)   One-Day ChampDay Tuition:  $495 Motorcycle Rental: $300 (Only when available, only at NJMP and ONLY for YCRS ChampSchool Graduates) Catastrophic Insurance for rental: $100   One-Day ChampStreet  Full Day - $495 Half Day - $250   Private Lessons Tuition: $1500.00  (deduct $250 if you are a member at IMR) Bike Rental $300 (Only available at NJMP and IMR)   Hire a YCRS Instructor  (You can hire them to do almost anything including setting up your track or cooking your BBQ but let it be known they are best at motorcycle riding instruction) Senior Instructor:  $1800 Per day plus travel expenses Junior Instructor: $1200 per day plus travel (must accompany a senior instructor, cannot be hired alone)

Whats the difference in different programs?

Easy: ChampSchool - Two Days, the full program, van lapping, video review both days, on track drills, 4:1 instructor ratio, catered breakfast and lunch, dinner on the first night by YCRS, bike and gear rentals for all riders is available. This is the top tier rider training program in the country. Starts at $1995. ChampDay - "Intro to ChampSchool" or "YCRS Light" it is often called. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike). Previous graduates can request bike and gear rental. ChampStreet students (Street Riders without full gear) can register and we will have a special group for you with lower speeds (due to no gear) but the same habits for better motorcycle control. 8:1 ratio. Learn the Champions Habits the right way and the wrong way and then go practice them with some supervision but not as much as a ChampSchool. Not ChampSchool but still the best value available for this price. $495 ChampStreet - For street riders only. No track riding speeds allowed. Legal highway speeds. No full gear required. Half Day option or full day option. Riders of any type of motorcycle can come and learn how to take the techniques the best riders use and apply them to any road. Based on Colorados sunset clinics and Marine Corps REST program. $250 - $495. Private and Semi-Private Instruction - Students who can't work out their schedules to fit ours can contact us and work out a time to come out and work privately or in a small group. This is very flexible in Arizona at Inde Motorsports Park but can also be done on the east coast in conjunction with a track day. Call for details and pricing due to travel cost variations.  Highly recommended to have been through a formal ChampSchool first. Hire YCRS to come to you - YCRS and its instructors can be hired individually, as a team, and even with motorcycle demo availability. Coaching, privately or groups, teach your control riders, cook your bbq lunch, parking lot clinics, corporate events, you name it and we can probably do it. Champions Sportbike Demos - YCRS is the official Yamaha Champions Sportbike Demo program in the US. You can solicit us to come out to your events and demo all of Yamaha's new motorcycles allowing your customers to test these bikes out for free. This program works best in conjunction with you local dealer and track day provider. Contact us for details.  

Do you have any travel recommendations for your different locations?

Yes, we do have some relationships with travel partners to some of our locations and are always working to find more. New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, New Jersey Flights:  Most will fly into Philadelphia International Airport as it is one hour away, has flights from just about everywhere, and lots of local hotels and rental car options.  Atlantic City Airport is slightly closer but does have less flights in and out. Hotels:  There are two choices.
  1.  NJMP (New Jersey Motorsports Park) has VIP Suites, they re roughly about $75 per night plus taxes. Call the track and mention you are with the Yamaha Champions Riding School for the discount via (856) 327-8000 or book online by clicking here and using the Drivers Club Code "YCRS" to obtain the discount. Keep in mind, NJMP hosts many events every year and the discount can be subject to availability and rates may vary around larger events.
  2. The Fairfield Inn and Suites of Millville / Vineland. The nicest hotel in the area also allows our students to use the discount from Evolution Racing's (our COO's Youth Race Team) sponsorship. Call 1-856-776-2400 and mention Evolution Racing or click here and use the discount code LPR .
Rental Cars:  Use Payless Rental Car in Philadelphia (www.paylesscar.com).  We have a 20-percent discount code (YCRS01). Here are a few more contacts for the Payless center at the Philly airport: Phone: 215-492-5500, extension 2, and you can even e-mail the Payless Vice-President (and YCRS graduate) James Easley directly at jeasley419@gmail.com. Inde Motorsports Ranch In Willcox, Arizona (near Tucson) Flights:  Most fly into Tucson and take the one-hour scenic drive southeast to Tucson.  Some fly into Phoenix because there are more flight options that are often less expensive (but not always).  The drive is about three hours to Willcox. Hotels:  Two choices also.
  1. The Holiday Inn Express in Wilcox found here can be had for only $61 per night if you are a student of YCRS. You can call them at 520-384-3333 to book because they don't yet have an online discount system. This hotel is the newest and nicest in the are.
  2. Inde Motorsports Ranch Casitas. You can now stay at the track in one of Inde's high-end Casitas and feel wht it would be like to have a luxory condo with a race track in your back yard. Contact info@indemotorsports.com or call 520-384-0796 for details. Click here for details.
Rental Cars:  We do not have any rental car connections yet for our Arizona locations. All other locations are traveling schools for us and we just do what you do, click on Expedia and find the best deals we can find.  

What is the rescheduling/cancellation policy?

You can cancel outside of 30 days from the start of school and pay a small 10% fee.  Within 30 days of the school, there are no cancellations but you can reschedule and be subject to the same 10% fee. Your rescheduled class must be used within one year of your original date or you forfeit your payment.  You can only reschedule one time or you forfeit your payment. For the two-day ChampSchool, there are no cancellations or rescheduling allowed inside of 14 days.  The only exception is if you or we can find someone to take your seat in which we will reschedule you if inside the 30 days. For ChampDay and ChampStreet, you can still reschedule minus the fee if it inside of the 30 days. Cancellation and reschedule requests must be made by calling Keith Culver at 855-743-3927 or emailing teachme@ridelikeachampion.com    

What kind of schedule does a typical YCRS day follow?

Our single day programs, ChampDay and ChampStreet are typically run in a track day schedule format.  Some tracks will vary but count on being there by 7:30, being ready for the first meeting around 8 am and to be riding somewhere around 9.  We split into groups during the first meeting and start a rotational schedule from there.  We typically run until about 5 but we're more concerned with giving you the best training experience possible and won't be watching the clock. ChampSchool, our full two-day experience is more dynamic based on the track, the students, and can vary.  Come in on day one about 7:30 to get checked in as we will start talking at 8 am.  We will typically be heavy on the lecture on the first morning but our lecture is often held in a parking lot with motorcycles, out on track in a turn, or driving in 16 passenger vans around the track.  We usually look to get on track by 10 am so gear is not required first thing in the morning.  And don't worry about the 10 am start, 99% of people are tired from all the riding by the end of day two.  We promise! We provide lunch and continental breakfast on both days and will break between 12-1 both days.  On the night of the first day, we stay together, review video after we are done riding and dine together at the track.  We often have YOGA class after dinner and sometimes in the morning of day 2 before starting class. Day two gets going at 8 am and runs until about 5 but as with all of our programs, our instructors are watching you more than the clock.  We run until everyone gets what they need and then do a little graduation ceremony before signing off.  We do keep the end of day two a bit light and fun in case anyone has to leave early to catch a flight, they don't miss too much.  Just don't leave too early!    

What should I wear?

We recommend riding base layers but many just come in shorts or biking shorts.  Be comfortable and be able to slip in and out of leathers easy. Also, watch the weather and adjust accordingly.  

How did YCRS start? Where did it come from?

YCRS started as the Freddie Spencer High-Performance Riding School in Las Vegas in the mid-1990's.  If you don't know, Freddie is a multi-time World Champion, the youngest world Champion in history before Mark Marquez, and still the only rider to win the World Championship in two different classes in the same year.  Freddie was one of the first thinking World Champs to put his processes together into a curriculum that has become our Champions Habits.  (The techniques of the best riders in the world). When Freddie retired from teaching, his right-hand-man, Nick Ienatsch took over the school, moved it to Miller Motorsports Park in Utah, and got sponsorship from Yamaha.  This began the Yamaha Champions Riding School.  Nick, with help from Ken Hill, began to expand on Champions Habits and a five-year run at YCRS in Utah. During this time they watched their students go on to have long, safe riding careers and racers rise to the top of the sport. In 2013, Miller Motorsports Park lost their owner and founder causing chaos regarding ownership and direction of the track and facility.  A former graduate heard about the drama and decided to step in.  So with the help of Keith Culver from Evolution Racing youth program and Limore Shur of eyeball NYC (A successful marketing and branding firm with roots in the motorcycle industry), Joshua Siegel put up the funds to bring YCRS to New Jersey and make Nick, Ken, Keith, and Limore partners in a program that he called, "Way too good to let go away."  In 2014, YCRS v2.0 was born at NJMP. In the winter of 2014, instructor Chris Peris invited YCRS out to Arizona where he is a member at Inde Motorsports Ranch to do some winter training.  After a hugely successful winter, YCRS made Chris a partner and now YCRS runs two divisions, east, and west, as well as programs at multiple other tracks.  They have also added the Yamaha Champions Sportbike Demos to their business model where they take brand new Yamaha sportbikes and visit track days around the US letting participants to test ride the incredible machines on the track. In the future, YCRS looks to expand its private training and 1:1 programs as well as create an online universe of rider coaching.  

What is the registration and payment process?

All registrations are done online using the Active Network registration system.  You can reach registration in a few ways.  You can go to our home page and navigate to our schedule and click to register for a particular event.  From any page, you can click "Enroll Today" at the top of the page and be taken to the registration pages at Active.  From there you can navigate through our schedule and choose the class that is best for you. Dring the registration process, after you have chosen your program and date, you will have the opportunity to see and choose any of the options available for that program such as a motorcycle or gear rental, special dietary needs, and even booking a third day with one of our instructors. At checkout, you will be required to pay for your class and any options you have chosen.  We used to offer a payment plan but we found that people would cancel last minute and too often it would be too late for us to fill that spot with someone from the waiting list. We also prefer to start teaching on the morning of class and not worry about chasing anyone for money.  We keep our classes limited in size for a better education so there is a little leeway in allowing open seats for non-payment.  If you have special circumstances, you may reach out to us and we will always try to work something out.  We are all human and everyone has a different circumstance.  

I’m not a racer, is this school for me?

Yes! We don’t take lap times and we don’t care who passes whom. Our main focus is improving any rider, of any discipline, on any bike and any piece of pavement. Racing and street riding share the common skillset of bike control. Do a bad job of bike control on the track and you lose the race, run off the track and possibly even crash. Do a similarly bad job of bike control on the street and you face much greater risks: like crossing the centerline into oncoming traffic or running wide into a guardrail. Come to YCRS to learn bike control on a “big, wide road” with nothing to hit should you run wide in a corner. Depending on location and time of year, we usually have more street riders than racers in our class and have even added an adventure bike to our fleet.  

What gear do I need and do you have gear for me to rent?

We are on track so the tracks will require standard track gear but we have just about anything that you don't.  We prefer leather suits, the one-piece is best, the two-piece is common and just fine.  Sometimes we get riders coming with their Cordora style suits and while we wouldn't wear them on track, it's your skin, not ours.  Obviously, you need a helmet, gloves, and over the ankle boots.  We like to see students using back protectors as well. Anything you don't have, you can rent easily just by choosing what you need during the registration process.  

How old do I need to be? Do I need a motorcycle license?

We don’t have age restrictions and we’ve had students as young as 12 with one 10-year-old out in 2017.  The age restriction is more from the track we run at.  Our home base, New Jersey Motorsports Park, has a policy that we follow when training at NJMP.  Anyone under the age of 17 without a license, needs to be approved and go through a process that includes a special waiver to be signed by the parents.  Anyone under the age of 16, we need a resume of the child's riding experience and references that we will call. Other than the requirements from the track, as long as you have the ability to operate the bike you will use, like releasing the clutch, shifting the gears, using the brakes, and lifting it off the side-stand, you’re welcome at YCRS. If young riders want to bring smaller bikes, we encourage it.  A motorcycle license or endorsement is not required as we are operating on a closed course. Our school can handle complete beginners, but most students find the school more beneficial if they have already had some riding experience on a dirt bike or small street bike during a Motorcycle Safety Foundation school, etc. Beyond that, all we require is a clear, focused and sincere desire to learn from the best in the business.  

Do we ride in the rain?

It’s always the student’s choice to ride in any conditions, but yes, the school will continue in the rain.  Refunds or reschedules due to weather are not permitted as long as the schools is running.  

Can my family come out and take pictures etc.?

Yes they can. The catered lunches and snacks are for paying students. Check with your sales representative for guest lunch and snack pricing.  

What happens if I crash?

If you’re hurt or your bike is un-repairable, you’re done riding for that school. If you’re okay, understand why you fell down and we can fix your bike, we’ll get you back on track. Any student who crashes is responsible for the repair costs. We all make mistakes and the YCRS crew knows that you came to ride, so we’ll do our best to get you back on a bike if you know and understand why you fell. Any student who crashes is responsible for the repair costs to get the damaged bike (or gear) back to 100%.  There is an internal "insurance" [policy that limits liability to $3500 (like a $3500 deductible) for $100 per day. We all make mistakes and the YCRS crew knows that you came to ride, so we’ll do our best to get you back on a bike if you know and understand why you fell.  

Are female riders welcome?

Heck yeah! Twenty- to fifty-percent of each school will be women riders and we have facilities to make anyone comfortable. We have Yamaha’s FZ07 and R3 if your inseam is short, or you can attend on your own bike. We encourage husbands and wives to attend together as well as fathers and daughters.  

What bike should I ride? Yours? Mine? Details?

First, keep in mind, motorcycle rentals are for our two-day ChampSchool only.  We do allow some exceptions for our ChampDay classes where only graduates of the ChampSchool are allowed to rent bikes.  We do this because most single day classes are the day before the two-day classes so we cannot risk damage to a bike that is reserved for a customer paying over $2,000, taking days off of work, and often traveling from far away to attend class.  ChampSchool graduates are ten times less likely to fall down so we just have a higher trust of them keeping our equipment safe for the ChampSchool to follow. We offer Yamaha R6s to most students but also have on hand the FZ-07 which is proving to be a favorite among riders not wanting so much weight on their wrists or are newer and want something easier to ride.  We all love both of these bikes.  We also have one R3, one FZ-09, and one Super Tenere in each of our home locations. Yes, we said Super Tenere.  This is a new addition for 2017 as we have heard from adventure riders that they still spend 80 percent of their time on the pavement searching for that perfect dirt road so why not train those riders with Champions Habits.  We are excited for this! Renters are responsible for anything they rent.  If it is damaged, they will be responsible for getting the damaged property back to the condition it was in when they took it. Starting in 2015 we allowed for BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike).  Starting in 2016, we even changed the pricing so BYOB students weren't paying as much as renters and it was a success.  We still have a one hour period at the end of day two where everyone gets to demo any or all of the Yamaha Sportbikes. If you bring your own bike, we will need to check it.  We don't make you take up stuff, change coolant, or safety wire but we do want motorcycles to be safe.  You can't have anything leaking, anything falling off or loose.  Tires need to have air IN them and tread ON them. It is not required but we highly recommend a brake light and a kick stand.  They will make life easier and increase the level of your education.  

I am a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) school graduate. What is the YCRS/MSF connection?

The Yamaha Champions school is an MSF-recognized Tier Three school, the only one in the country. This means that the riding education you began with the MSF Beginning and Advanced courses will be continued with your time at YCRS.  

Is there anything I can do to prepare for YCRS?

Yes. Work on your fitness, especially core strength. Stretch a lot. Read Nick Ienatsch’s Sport Riding Techniques.  Get on our YouTube channel and study the information. Bring desire and an open mind.