Demo Program

Yamaha Champions Sportbike Demos will be offered at no charge to riders participating at select track day events. The demos will feature the complete line of Yamaha sportbikes, including the all-new  YZF-R6, YZF-R1, and YZF-R3, as well as the FZ-110, FZ-09 and FZ-07. Riders will have an opportunity to experience these awesome machines at their local track on paced laps behind YCRS instructors.

YCSD 2017 Demo Schedule – Subject to change

Date                           Track                         Track Day Partner

1/20/2017               Chuckwalla              TrackDaz

1/29/2017               AMP                        Xcel Track Days

2/24/2017               Chuckwalla             TrackDaz

3/11/2017               Laguna                    Z2 (Zoom-Zoom) Track Days

3/12/2017               Laguna                    Z2 (Zoom-Zoom) Track Days

3/19/2017               AMP                        Xcel Track Days

3/24/2017               Chuckwalla             TrackDaz

3/31/2017               Chuckwalla             Track Xperience

4/28/2017               Chuckwalla             TrackDaz

5/19/2017               Chuckwalla             2WTD (Two Wheels Track Days)

5/20/2017               Chuckwalla             TrackDaz

5/20/2017               Chuckwalla             TrackDaz

5/26/2017               NJMP                       N2 Track Days  (WERA Racer Practice)

5/29/2017               NJMP                       EvolveGT

6/3/2017                 NCBike                     N2 Track Days

6/4/2017                 NCBike                     N2 Track Days

6/10/2017               NYST                     EvolveGT

6/11/2017               NYST                     EvolveGT

6/10/2017               Thunderhill               Z2 (Zoom-Zoom) Track Days

6/11/2017               Thunderhill               Z2 (Zoom-Zoom) Track Days

6/17/2017               Buttonwillow             Let’s Ride Track Days

6/18/2017               Buttonwillow             Let’s Ride Track Days

6/17/2017               Pitt Race                  N2 Track Days

6/18/2017               Pitt Race                  N2 Track Days

6/24/2017               WSIR (Big Track)     2WTD (Two Wheels Track Days)

6/30/2017               NJMP                       EvolveGT

7/29/2017               NJMP                       N2 Track Days

7/30/2017               NJMP                       N2 Track Days

8/14/2017               Sonoma                   Z2 (Zoom-Zoom) Track Days

8/15/2017               Sonoma                   Z2 (Zoom-Zoom) Track Days

8/19/2017               Pitt Race                  N2 Track Days

8/20/2017               Pitt Race                  N2 Track Days

8/25/2017               NJMP                       N2 Track Days

8/26/2017               NJMP                       N2 Track Days

8/25/2017               Spring Mtn               Track Xperience

8/26/2017               Spring Mtn               Track Xperience

8/27/2017               Spring Mtn               Track Xperience

9/4/2017                NJMP                       N2 Track Days

9/16/2017               WSIR (Streets)        Track Xperience

9/17/2017               WSIR (Streets)        Track Xperience

9/22/2017               Chuckwalla              TrackDaz

9/24/2017              Summit Point           N2 Track Days

9/24/2017               WSIR (Big Track)    Let’s Ride Track Days

09/25/2017            Summit Point           N2 Track Days

9/25/2017              WSIR (Big Track)    Let’s Ride Track Days

10/07/2017           NCBike                    N2 Track Days

10/08/2017           NCBike                    N2 Track Days

10/14/2017            WSIR (Big Track)    Track Xperience

10/15/2017            WSIR (Big Track)    Track Xperience

10/27/2017            Chuckwalla             TrackDaz

11/3/2017               Buttonwillow           Let’s Ride Track Days

11/25/2017             Barber                    N2 Track Days

11/25/2017            Barber                    N2 Track Days

12/1/2017               Chuckwalla            TrackDaz

*Demos currently available to track day participants only.  Contact your local dealer to request a demo if you are not registered for a track day event.