In our cars, we’re rarely concerned with how much grip is available. On our motorcycles however, we’re constantly questioning it. “Where is the edge of grip? How much grip do my tires have at my pace, on my ride?”

This second Core Champions Habit is all about grip: how it works, how we can use it, how we manage it, maintain it, and how to sneak up to the edge of grip when we’re chasing tenths or are caught in a low-grip environment. Based on the concept of a traction circle, we remove the physics prerequisites and offer a concise, clear way to think about, discuss, and work with the concept of “grip.”

At the track or on the roads, we’ll help you stay at or below 100 points of available grip with an in-depth analysis and a real-life explanation on how effective braking, throttle control, and lean angle management will keep you riding safer and faster for the rest of your life. 

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