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    David Harper

      I’m a new rider, I’ve only been riding about a month (just over 500 miles on my bike). I’ve taken the New Rider, Core, and Street survival courses. I watch the videos over and over picking up every bit of wisdom that I can from them and continue to practice. I want to share an experience I had today…

      I went out for a motorcycle ride and when deciding where to go I thought, it’s been a long time since I’ve been past Coal City so I think I’ll ride over that way and see what all is there.
      Turns out it’s not much, but I rode a curvy downhill stretch of road with what is definitely the worst pavement I’ve been on so far. Many of the curves covered with gravel and dirt as well and about all of them tight and blind.
      I rode through the town of Rhodell, and then a section that I believe to be in between towns just before I get to a place, I think was called Allen.
      This in between section is where the most of this tale evolves. I’m coming out of a curve and begin to accelerate into a straight stretch (around 65mph). I can see there are houses up ahead but then I see something in the road. I brake as I’m riding up to it and then I realize…”Damn, that’s a person”. He was laying on his stomach with his face against the pavement. I slowly ride around him and come to a stop. I can see a syringe lying beside him. At this point I’m thinking “oh no, I’ve stumbled upon someone that has overdosed and may be dead”. I pull off the road right at the entry of a driveway to one of the houses. I get off my motorcycle and the homeowner begins walking toward his driveway and greets me. I still have my helmet on, so I point to the road. The homeowner says “Is that a person” I nod my head and yell “yeah” through my visor. The homeowner turns to go in the house to call 911.
      I see two cars coming the opposite way, so I run out in the road and start flagging them down to stop. The lady in front driving a Cherokee slows but keeps coming, I keep waving her down. As she gets beside me, I yell “You have to stop there’s someone in the road up there”.
      The Cherokee finally comes to a stop and the woman looks at me and says, “That’s Terry Lee, is he ok?” I said, “I don’t know, I just found him”. At this point I didn’t really know anything other than he may be dead.
      The two women in the Cherokee then get out and start walking toward the person in the road. I notice that the one that was in the passenger side has a house arrest bracelet on her ankle. I’m thinking “This is truly a mess”. They start yelling at the guy and thankfully, Terry Lee is alive. As he wakes up, they tell him to pick up his syringe, which he grabs and puts in his pocket. After a minute or so he’s back on his feet but clearly still feeling the effects of the drugs.
      I won’t drag out the rest of the story but, I believe that the Champ U courses prepared me to handle the crazy things I encountered today. Everything from the trail braking techniques to the OODA loop were in play.
      Thank you! It’s the best money I could have ever spent to improve my riding.

      David Harper

        oops… Traffic Survival

        Boris Stoychev

          Well done, David.

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