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    Hi I have just completed the Core Curriculum online course. Great investment. Have so much to practice. Thrilled you did this as I live in Spain and would not get the chance otherwise. Do you think you could do the course in other languages, even if it was subtitled? Even a subtitle option in English would be good, as English is not everyone’s first language although they may have a good level. Technical words are not every day language. So if you can check the word in the subtitle, it boosts confidence to understanding the course and encourages more people to participate. I moved from Scotland to Spain and had to learn the language to make a life for myself here. I do have advanced level. So my suggestion is just from the stand point of what it is like for a someone who would like to do the course although it’s not their mother tongue. The other languages could be a bonus. Just a thought. Thanks so much. I really appreciate your effort in making this information available to me. ??✌️✌️

    Alex Hatfield

    Hi Dawn!

    Glad you enjoyed the course, and thanks for the support!

    We’re actually looking into translation services already 🙂
    Hoping to go live with something in the next few months.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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