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    Paul Nguyen

      Hi ChampU,

      I really enjoyed the course as a beginner street rider. But I’m stuck on a simple fundamental, and that is steering input into a corner. Currently, I’m riding a sports bike that has an aggressive tucked posture, and the handlebars are very angled with short range of motion. So I understand achieving the correct lean is key for riding this bike.

      So during normal riding, I can countersteer to get around, with no problem. But for sharper corners, I’m taking them much slower than I should when on the street. I’m getting confused and unsure of what the proper steering inputs are, and when to use them. I know my issue is likely down to my technique, and maybe confidence plays a part too. I think even for street riding, I don’t think I’m achieving enough lean to properly take corners. I’m sure its a simple fundamental that perhaps practice, with gradual increases in lean angle will help, but I feel like I need some words of guidance to think of when practicing.

      For example on a 2 lane road, where I want to make a 90-degree left turn at the intersection, into another street. Currently, I take the corner by going off the throttle, then trail brake the front brake as I should, to load the front suspension. I position the bike as far-right within the left lane as I can, and I prepare my body position as taught in the course. Then as I approach the apex, I push left on the handlebar and physically hold pressure up until the apex, and my bike is pointed for the exit. I then release pressure on the handlebar and add gradual throttle to accelerate.

      The problem is, I think, is how I’m holding pressure on the left handlebar. Which is incorrect, yes? As I understand it, we need to push the handlebar, achieve sufficient lean for the turn, then let go. Allowing the handlebar to self-correct when throttle is applied. But I’m feeling like I need to hold pressure because if I let go of the pressure, the bike will straighten if my speed is fast enough, or drop if I don’t accelerate in time.

      I would really like an explanation, or diagram showing the exact steering inputs, as I’m really not getting it. Like, I’m searching everywhere for a 1-2-3 explanation of the process in a video, and on different grades of corners. I also want to know if I need to push further/harder on the handlebar than I am currently. Do I push gradually or fairly quickly when initiating lean? When do I let go of pressure? This is all very confusing to my beginner brain.

      I’m all the way in Australia, so I can’t take your course in person. But I would really appreciate some insight, and perhaps suggested drills where I can practice cornering technique on. Especially focusing on steering inputs. I would like to do track days sometime, but I think this part of my riding needs to be corrected first.


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