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    Joel Uichico

      I recently figured in a crash going down a slope but with moss. I was going around 30 kph and as taught by the school use the front brake which I did. In this situation would it be better in using the rear brake instead of the front? Or when should we use the front and rear? Or this is completely unavoidable. I am still learning a lot but want to hear your suggestions. Thank you.

      Keith Culver

        Hi Joel,

        A slope with moss. That’s not something we hear every day, and nor do I and I ride dirtbikes a lot!

        I’d love to give you exact advice but without being there or seeing the slope and the moss it won’t be easy. This is true; You have 100 points of grip NO MATTER the circumstance and it is up to us as riders to be as linear and smooth as can be in order not to go over 100 points.

        A street tire on moss puts that 100 point scale VERY low. Depending on how much moss, how slippery, and if there was a less slippery line, any braking or movement of a tire could cause a loss of traction.

        I recall one time going through a small stream on my ADV bike and without touching the brakes, just the mild flow of the water was enough to cause a loss of traction on the moss and needless to say, I got wet.

        Theoretically, you can use both brakes if you can do it smoothly enough to remain under 100 points. That being said, wet moss puts that in the possible realm of unavoidable. IF you trust your smooth inputs, I would not dwell on it and just use it as a reason to work on being even smoother. Work on adjusting brakes 1/2 of a point at a time instead of one point at a time. Make it a learning experience.

        Hope this helps a bit.

        – Keith

        Joel Uichico

          Hey Keith. Thank you for this inspiring, educational and motivational advice. I was participating in an adventure tour and some of the areas we pass have poor drainage so usually the water from houses pour on the road and leaves the road wet year round. Not to mention the high altitude moisture. So the presence of moss. The slope was about 30° on a curve. So you’re right, less pressure on brakes and early. Thanks. That’s a great advice.

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