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    Andrew Largue

      Hello there I’m not a new rider but a returning rider in the past I have had over 20 years experience of riding but then gave up due to having a young family and no time to ride. After 11 years break from riding I have decided to get back on two wheels.

      My last bike 11 years ago was the xjr1300 it never let me down so I decided to stick with Yamaha and went with the 2021 mt09. All good you would have thought over 6 months in and I have still not got my confidence back I am really nervous ( especially an roads I am not familiar with) a lot of it is to do with how light the mt feels compared to how I remember the xjr being the Mt just don’t feel as planted in the corners and even going out in stronger winds is making me feel nervous .

      I am hoping this course helps me is there any more suggestions on how to rebuilt my confidence or is it just old age kicking in and I will never get that feeling back when I used to ride

      Thank you


      Keith Culver

        Hey Andrew,

        Hard to give you too much advice on how to handle wind because our thresholds of acceptability for wind are all different. I personally don’t care for it and avoid it when possible.

        As for general confidence, we have found that absolutely mastering the brakes (we even call it master braking, pardon the pun) is the number one technique for upping confidence and control. Being able to slow or stop any time, anywhere, for any reason without a second thought doubles the comfort and confidence of many riders.

        If you could work on two things at the same time, you would want to add in how well you use your eyes. Seeing things early and using your brakes to confidently get where you want to be will do more to upping your confidence than everything else combined.

        When you finish ChampU Core Curriculum, go back through it and put more time into braking practice and using your eyes. Use driving your car or truck as a great time to work on using your eyes. It will pay dividends.

        Hope this helps!

        Andrew Largue

          Thank you Keith I have a week off work next week so should get some quality time out practicing. Now Summer is on its way better and better road conditions mixed with your quality tutorials I will hopefully regain my confidence .I shall let you know how get on.

          Andrew Largue

            A quick update I got out for a few hours this evening and did the braking drills already the bike is feeling more planted in the corners I was even putting the 5% breaking on when entering the corners I know I can get round with no brakes and the bike felt solid to the road.

            Another quick question when I am going threw a series of corners do I release brakes and reapply or do I keep at least the 5% on all the way threw tyi

            Alex Hatfield

              Awesome to hear!
              Regarding the series of corners question: it depends. How close are the corners? Are you turning the exit of one corner into the entry of another? So many variables could come into play, so let’s go back to the 10,000′ view: the umbrella of direction. When approaching those corners, simply ask yourself: “what control do I need to use here to get direction?”

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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