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    Ruud Brand

      I have registered for ChampSchool in New Jersey for next year May… only six more months. Can’t wait.

      I stumbled across ChampU at the end of 2021, really good material and living in the Netherlands I thought that would be it. But last year my wife was asked by her company to do a project in the US, so here we are, now living upstate New York since end of September.
      My 2022 season was cut short; had a very good start in Spain, but crashed quite badly at Zandvoort and hurt my shoulder (all my own doing, and I know what I did wrong). I was back on my roadbike after six weeks, but didn’t feel comfortable to go on track till three months after and by then we were swamped with all the stuff for our move.
      My track bike from the Netherlands – a 2017 Street Triple 765 w full fairing – sailed smoothly through customs (haven’t seen it yet, because it is in storage till we move to our permanent house after Thanksgiving) and I am looking forward to ride it here in the States.

      I think ChampSchool will be the perfect way to get back on track, improve my skills and do away with bad habits which I inadvertently have.

      Not used to trackdays/events in the US I am interested to hear how people approach logistics. I’ll have a ~six hour drive down to Milville, I don’t have a camper so I will be looking to camp with a tent/lodge at the track.
      I really like to use a garage, in the Netherlands we would typically share these with say four people, is that common here too? Are you allowed to sleep in the garages?

      Still a long time to go, but the anticipation is part of the fun.

      Cheers, Ruud

      Keith Culver


        We are fortunate at NJMP in that we get use of the open-air day garage which is one giant building with many individual bays. You are more than welcome to use that space and I’ve even seen people set up tents and sleep in there. The track also has suites above the VIP garages (which you can also rent but are more exclusive) inside the paddock which you can rent for a discounted rate for being part of the school. The information on the suites and VIP garages can be found here;

        Looking forward to meeting you.

        Ruud Brand

          That sounds excellent. Thanks for the info.

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