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      Has anyone stayed for extra time with N2 track days training? Any thoughts? Thanks

      Keith Culver


        Every January we book this event with N2. Tons of people stay after to ride and a limited number of them have the opportunity to stay after school and get private lessons from our staff within the N2 Track Day. It’s a great opportunity. Do the class to get a solid foundation of Champions Habits and then spend a day (or two) working with an instructor just for your needs.

        Hope this helps,


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        Brenden C. Anderson


          I think this is a great initiative and hope to see it continue in the future.


            Is it primarily for experienced riders?

            Brent Ackermann

              Is it primarily for experienced riders?

              The trackdays after with N2 are like many other riding organizations. Typically there are at least 3 riding groups. (Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced.)
              If you haven’t done a trackday before, and aren’t a licensed racer, you’ll be placed into the Novice group.
              You can later be bumped into a faster group depending on how you’re doing.

              Remi Khu

                How’s it going folks? I am going to the 4-day ChampSchool/N2 event in January ’24. WoooHoooo!! It’s gonna be awesome riding in the middle of winter (coming from VT!)

                This will the first time flying with my riding gears, so how do you pros transport your helmet safely? I’m thinking about taking it as a carry-on and check-in the bulky suit, gloves, and boots.

                Also, do I need to commit to private lessons (which is fine) in order to rent the bike for the additional 2 days?

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