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    christian loret de mola

    Hi first I would like to say this is amazing work. I am a new rider from Brazil and this has been the best money I have invested
    Believe it would already have had an accident if I did not watch your videos first
    Here they don’t even teach you to use the front break at bike school to get your liscence
    So here we have a lot of bad roads gravel in the middle of the streets sometimes, and potholes etc
    So it is a challenge just to do what you do and be aware of obstacules
    So maybe I would like to see a champ u for the street. I mean would be a second course after taking the first to manage more situations
    Even maybe what to do if you feel you lock your tire, what to do if you feel you are not braking fast enough but there is gravel or it is wet should I put all the pressure
    How to handle coordination with rear brake and front break because while one is going all the way in one is not is actually realising that rear break at the end
    drills for that maybe

    Thanks again for saving me

    Alex Hatfield

    Hey Christian!

    First, thanks for the kind words; we’re glad we can help you become a safer rider, even in Brazil!
    We’re actually looking at putting together another Champ U course, specifically for street survival strategies next year. Stay tuned!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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