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    Paul P

    When you finish a final quiz, you then get taken to a new course automatically. At the bottom there is a Mark Complete button. I hit this button once on accident, thinking I had to do it to get credit for the course I just finished. This moved me straight to the next course.

    Its not a huge problem probably, but if this button can be removed, it probably should be. I can see someone hitting it, especially right after the first course where you dont know the process yet, and skip course #2.

    If ChampU doesnt have access to customize this software, no big deal. But if you can, Id look into why this button exists even, or if it couldnt be a bit more clear that the previous course is 100% done and you are now looking at a totally new course.

    Alex Hatfield

    Hi, Pawel!

    We included the button specifically to help people with the opposite problem: course sections not marking complete on their own due to users quitting, crashing, or otherwise not completing a topic normally.

    We’ve added a “reset course progress” button on the user account page if you’d like to reset, otherwise you can complete the lessons by selecting them from the accordion menu.

    Paul P

    Maybe the software can be programmed to hide the button if it can detect you haven’t even watched one video or entered the quizes even once. I totally understand the frustration of having an online course stuck at 99% complete for some reason. The button is useful for that. But going from 0 to complete? I make webapps for a living and still clicked it on accident. Makes me wonder how often there is some confusion about it being clicked, especially just coming out of course 1 while youre still learning the interface.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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