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    Brian Baldwin

    I purchased a Champ U subscription. I’m logged in and can navigate to the quiz questions. Where are the 40 videos included with the course subscription?

    Alex Hatfield

    Hi Brian,

    Two options:

    (1) Please navigate to your dashboard (via the My Account or Champ U menus).

    Expand the accordion menu below your profile.
    Finally, simply click on the title of any module.


    (2) Navigate to

    Hope this helps!

    Allan Shechet

    Alex, Thanks for the link to the courses. The link from my dashboard and from the top menu doesn’t go to the courses/core but goes to /courses-page instead. However, the courses/core list says I’m not “Enrolled” and I don’t see a way to enrole. I am logged in.
    Thanks in advance, Allan

    Alex Hatfield

    Sorry I’m just now seeing this! I believe we got you figured out via email. If not, it sounds like you’re not logged in or registered for the course.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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