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    Matthew Kennedy

      When I started last year as a new rider, I stalled my Duke 390 in the middle of a u-turn (while practicing in a parking lot). Bike tipped over and I landed on my side and fractured my collar bone. Several weeks later I’d enrolled in Champ-U and saw that leg-out-ready tip for u-turns.

      Man, that is a super tip. I stick my leg out every time now. Maybe one day I’ll be Takayoshi Sakuta, but for now, no more lost riding season in a sling at least.

      Today I was doing the same thing on my T7 and I’m not sure if I stalled or lost traction (was kinda slippery) and it was a complete non event. With my foot already on the ground I didn’t fall with the bike and even seemed to have enough reaction time to lower the bike gently (as much as one does with a 450 lb bike).

      Anyway. Thanks for including that tip! Love this online course.

      Shawn Collins

        I don’t remember seeing the leg out u-turn tip. Can you point me to it?


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