Leg dangling

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    Randy Allen

      Since enrolling in Champ U I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time watch motorcycle racing on YouTube and I’ve noticed that a number of professional racers dangle their inside legs briefly as they start to enter a turn. This looks like a bit of a dicey move to me. I haven’t seen it addressed in any of the course sections and was wondering what the story is, not that I want to do this, just curious.

      Craig Martin

        Because the bikes are small, and some of the riders are bigger, their legs are in a tight angle, they stretch their legs to get blood flowing in them!

        Alex Hatfield

          Hi Randy!

          The leg dangle started a few years back in MotoGP, and we experimented with it pretty intensely when it was first “a thing.”
          What we found was that we liked it in some corners, didn’t like it in others; a very situational tool to accomplish a few things.
          Having the inside leg out helps us get our center of gravity a bit lower and a bit further back, and helps (a bit) to stabilize the bike under heavy braking at the end of a fast section of track. We don’t necessarily “teach” it because it is super situational.

          Randy Allen

            Thanks Alex!
            By the way, I love the course! So much so that I’ve gone through it twice and got more out of it each time and I’ll keep going though it til I can take one of the resident courses later this year. I also noticed that you updated it the second time. Nice to see that it’s evolving.


              Here’s an explanation from Ken Hill.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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