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      I meant to ask in today’s champ Street class, what are your thoughts on lane splitting? In California it’s legal to do lane splitting and the DMV gives a somewhat goofy rationale as to why they allow it. They state something to the effect that they would rather have motorcycles moving then stopped in traffic. I have a hard time buying that.

      In my early days, granted they were quite a ways back, when more people smoked, it wasn’t uncommon for someone to open their door to dump their ashtray. Or their coffee or whatever else they didn’t want to have lying around in their car. So every time I think about lane splitting I think about the door opening. But, it seems to be pretty common around here.

      Your thoughts?

      Keith Culver

        Hey Ken,

        I wasn’t at Laguna as I am coaching with a European tour group of ChampSchool students but, I do live in California (Paso Robles) and lane split all the time. I’ve been told it is mainly to keep us from having to sit there and be hit from behind which was a large reason for motorcycle injuries before the lane-sharing (their term) was allowed.

        I also believe it helps alleviate traffic and keeps us from having to sit and bake in the sun while inhaling exhaust fumes so I am a huge fan.

        I have also now been in five European countries that allow it and do feel much safe but being able to sneak to the front any time there is traffic, especially stopped traffic.

        In my experience, most drivers seem to be respectful of us “sharing” lanes.



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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