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    Stan Stowards

      Here’s a little taster of what my local advanced rider training offers.

      “So what happens when we go off the throttle in corners!!

      1. Weight moves forward. Overloading the front tyre and reducing traction at the rear.
      2. Suspension is out of its ideal operating range. Causing the bike to overreact to the road conditions.
      3. Steering quickens, making things twitchy.
      4. The bike wanders, not holding a line.
      5. Ground clearance is reduced
      6. Bike slows down

      So it would seem getting on the throttle earlier may be a better plan!
      So we need to get on the throttle as soon as possible so the bike is working the way it was designed.
      After the turn in, start rolling on.
      We want weight to be distributed 40 front, 60 rear, instead of 70 front, 30 rear which easily occurs if we are off the throttle.
      Rolling on throttle removes all 6 problems mentioned above. Rolling on, IS NOT CRACKING OPEN THE THROTTLE TO FLAT OUT.
      This is a difficult one to master as our instincts are making it very difficult to go for the throttle. As with all motorcycling skills it takes practise, practise and more practise.
      Remember safe riding doesn’t happen by accident!”

      I think I’ll stick to the YCRS approach.

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