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    Thomas Southworth

    Hey all! I just wanted to follow up and let you know how the results of your in person school have shaped my riding.

    2 days after leaving your school I attended a track day that also served as my New Racer evaluation with the AFM. I had never been to the track before. I used the skills I learned at your school to learn the track, identifying the different types of corners, adjusting my slowest point, and working backwards toward braking reference. In the 3rd track session there was a 1:1 evaluation with an experienced instructor on a motorcycle that had twice the horsepower mine does. I dropped him by 6 seconds per lap.

    2 weekends later and I’m back at the same track, attending the first AFM race weekend of the season. Weather played a huge role. Strong winds shifted reference points forward and backward on the track depending on direction. Many corner entries were a full gear higher than 2 weeks earlier! Being an adaptable rider helped me during the race by letting me adjust entry speed and braking. I could pass riders with more experience at the track because they were braking too early into the wind. The result was 2 Sunday races and 2 second place trophies.

    I had lots of track riding experience before taking your school. That I was able to change my riding so much and put those changes into practice so quickly is probably the biggest testament to the training I received at Champions School. It was only my first race weekend. I still have a long way to go. But I am looking forward to improving every time I am at the track (and even in between!) by practicing the Champions habits.

    Thank you so much, and I’ll see you at the track!


    Novice Racing at Buttonwillow, March 2022

    Nick Ienatsch

    Tom!! Thanks for making our day! We really appreciate you taking the time to write us, and “way to go”. The AFM club is one of the fastest in the country so doing well there is not easy. Congrats and keep it rolling…Nick.

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