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    Gary Budzien

    Excellent course! I just celebrated my 63rd birthday, and have been riding stuff with handlebars my whole life. Your course is well balanced between veterans and beginners alike. Many of the tips you share I’ve already been doing, many without even realizing it, and this doesn’t diminish the value of this course one bit! It DOES remind me to do these things while also showing us WHY we do these things. I have never made the connection about driving my car the same way I ride my bike. Again, I never realized I do this, but I kinda do! Thanks, and I’ll be recommending this to riders I know.

    Alex Hatfield

    Glad you enjoyed the course, Gary!
    How has your diving been since you recognized that the skills translate off the bike?

    Gary Budzien

    I gave up diving long ago, but I still DRIVE every day!! LOL! Yep, I tend to think about steering wheel angle, weight transfer, etc. while driving, and, believe it or not, when I’m iRacing as well!!

    Alex Hatfield

    Hahaha, a slip of the fingers!
    iRacing is tremendous fun – and fantastic training!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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