I want to understand TeleLever vs Hossack better

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      So I’m trying to better understand BMW’s wonky Telelever. When the forks compress, trail _increases_, right? But also, because of the a-arm and the structure of the front end, it’s not going to “dive” under braking (as advertised) because, as I understand it, braking forces push against the a-arm.

      Video of Telelever movement: https://youtu.be/E03aif332PA

      Now, the Hossack front end (on other BMW’s and the new Gold Wing). They seem to be a better design because I think (hard to find data) trail does decrease under braking, but also they do dive less than a traditional fork.

      My old Multistrada is getting old, and the GS is pretty appealing, except for the telelever. But for those how have spent more time riding them than me. How do they actually work and how does one ride around the front end that behaves differently, where altered geometry doesn’t come into play, helping the motorcycle change direction?

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        Hey Dave,

        I am really curious– did you learn any more about this?

        Nick Ienatsch

          Hello Taylor and dp…Didn’t you watch ChampU?? You should immediately realize that this type of in-depth, brain-necessary, engineering-mind question is well beyond us!! We ride, we teach riding…Telelever action and Hossack comparisons? You might as well be speaking Klingon with a Chinese accent.

          Um…but…when I ride my BMW HP2 I don’t do anything differently than what we teach. Nate Kern does what we teach.

          Glad to help, hope everyone can keep these questions down at our second-grade engineering level!!! -Nick I. 🙂

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