How Long?

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    Lee Manevitch

    Shoulder surgery and Idaho winter sidelined my riding for months, so I just got back onto the course and banged out the content. Once I get the all-clear from the doc and the weather breaks, I’ll revisit and go chapter-by-chapter on the street reinforcing what I’ve learned.

    IMO the best part of this course is not the content itself but the fact that we can access it any time, even after completion. I envision myself going through the course in its entirety every winter as a preseason refresher of my skills.

    Alex Hatfield

    Hi Lee,

    What part of Idaho? I’m in Kuna!
    Glad you’re enjoying Champ U – What was your biggest takeaway from the course?
    Get healed up soon!

    Lee Manevitch

    I can’t believe how much Kuna has grown in the past few years! I’m out in Greenleaf so not too far, but I’m jealous of how much closer you are to Bogus Basin Road and Hwy 21.

    So many takeaways, honestly. 100 points of grip is probably the biggest. Avoid abruptness – don’t surprise your tires…the demo of the bare tire being pushed vs pounded at an angle was eye-opening.

    After this coming riding season, I get to have my OTHER shoulder worked on – so another huge opportunity to go through all the courseware again. I’ve never been as old as I am right now. 🙂

    Alex Hatfield

    When it warms up and you’re healed up, lets head up 21 or Bogus!

    Scott King

    I signed up in December 2021 and at first was pacing myself by doing only one or two sections a day at most with some practice here and there as the weather allowed. Over the winter I didn’t really keep up with it, but with the nice spring weather I wrapped up the program and just finished today. Really enjoyed the content!

    Alex Hatfield

    Great to hear, Scott!
    What was your biggest takeaway?

    Scott King

    I think the discussions of “lean angle = risk” and the focus on trail braking and braking mid-corner to control speed & direction were the biggest things for me. I took Ohio’s Basic Rider Safety class last year, but their way of teaching a rider to separate braking from cornering didn’t sit well with me. Happy to get some instruction on riding techniques that work under all conditions!

    William Mahaffy

    I got signed up in the winter and used the course material to keep me motivated for better weather. I did a few sections a couple of night/week when I wasn’t on call. I pread it out over about a month. I purposely saved the final review section until just before ChampStreet @ NJPM this week. A great review and very encouraging to see that I had semi-consciously incorporated many of the drills into my early spring rides as well as driving to work. This course now has me driving like a rider and not riding like a driver (hint: riders are better!)

    Alex Hatfield

    That’s awesome!

    Susan Lazor

    It took me about a year.. I had a hard time getting into the flow of the style of teaching last year.. too be honest some of the ways that the concepts were taught seemed over complicated in the way they are communicated.. So I did some here or there.. but several months ago i had signed up for ycrs in september and really wanted to get through the whole thing before that because I think if i didn’t i would have a more difficult time on the street day getting the concepts down. .. I got covid in July and it afforded me time to literally go through the balance that I hadn’t done.. which was most of it. At that point too.. i had grasped the way of teaching better so the concepts were easier to comprehend.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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