How Long?

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    Alex Hatfield

    How long did it take you to get through the entire curriculum?

    Dave Leamer

    Started yesterday the moment it was announced and spent a couple hours refreshing my Champion habits and finished it this morning. Total time is hard to judge since I was “working” and had to pause quite a few times. If I had to put a number on total undivided attention hours 4-5 hours would be a safe number.

    Alex Hatfield

    Awesome, thanks for the feedback!

    Kimberly Prichard

    Kind of like the above user, it was bout 6 hours or so… I did the course while I was working, had step away during a few meetings.

    Alex Hatfield

    Sweet, thanks!!

    Kevin Kelly

    I am taking the sections one at a time and practicing on the street after each completing each section. I could see me taking a month or so to get through the entire course.
    Kevin K

    Nick Ienatsch

    Thanks Kevin…you’re doing exactly what we hoped when we launched ChampU…keep us posted and thanks for the support…NI


    Around 2 weeks with extensive practice in between. I’d be very arrogant to say that I dominate all champion habits in 2 a week time frame… this is a life long learning.

    anthony carbone jr

    Im taking my time writing down notes and going out on the street for real time practice. Plan om doing the course a few times or more!

    John Stickney

    I went through the classes over two days … continued to think about them through the week and took a few drills and techniques to work on during each ride over the weekend. Each ride I would pick a new section to focus on during the first part of the ride, then the rest of the ride work on putting everything together. Always a work in progress!

    I just went through all the drill videos and plan to work on them one at a time over the winter. LOVE IT ALL!

    Brian Baldwin

    It can easily be taken in one sitting but, I’ve been working on the course for several weeks. Each section is not that long so I’ve avoided cramming it and, I take notes for future reference. Writing notes also helps me remember things.

    James Martin

    It’s been a couple of months for me and I’m still not finished with the online course.
    I’m a truck driver so I’m out 4-6 weeks at a time and because of this I rarely have time to practice when I’m home for the 5-6 days I’m off.

    I’m an odd case for this curriculum but I will finish and come to Champ School to be trained on how to ride properly.
    I will be doing as much riding as I can to practice what this course teaches and be ready for the School.

    At 62 years of age I have never been so excited to attend this School in October and compete the online course not just once but several times.
    This old man will be the happiest kid there.

    Murray Cook

    It took me a month to get through the material and do all the drills, also considering it’s Winter and the weather hasn’t been great.

    Daren Cummings

    I signed up last night and have made it thru the first 5 sections, braking being the next. I drive truck and won’t even see my bike for another 2 months, so I’m going thru the course and taking notes on things I can see that I need to work on.
    Over the next couple months I can see myself going thru the course a dozen times or more. When I get home I’ll be focusing on a few areas I need to work on and re-watching those sections specifically while I’ve got time to get out and ride. Only being 1/3 thru the course I’m guessing the list is going to get longer.
    I’ve come to realize that I tend to rush corners, so far that’s the number one thing I need to work on and CampU gave me the understanding of what I was doing wrong.

    Ruud Brand

    I took my time and did one section a night for two-three weeks.
    Then I watched the drills section and practiced on my next commute.

    And now I am going back through the material as I am preparing for three days on track and putting together a program for myself based on the insights from the material and my learnings and reflections from last season.
    I will have some 1:1 coaching as well, and I think the ChampU material will help me to be very specific to my coach about what I experience on track.

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