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    Erik Huhn

    I signed in last week and can’t wait to try things out (poor weather conditions in northern Germany). I paused for about 15 years and (feeling like a novice again) restarted in june last year with a 650 v-strom. One of the reasons for riding again is our daughter, who whants to start motorcycling this year. So, we are riding 2 up, so she can learn something about riding tecnique and driving line before she starts to learn how to ride a motorcycle and will reach better / safer abilities in riding. I think, she (as a real beginner) will also profit a lot from ChampU.
    What improves my skills, will improve hers (I hope).
    Thank you very much!

    Nick Ienatsch

    Erik, thanks for the note and we’re voting for you in the “Dad of the Year” competition!

    So many of us learned to ride on our own, or learned with a variety of advice from a variety of sources. Having your daughter learn via Champ U as you refresh with Champ U will be terrific for her. Let us know how it goes…thanks for the support…Nick I.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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