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    Alex Hatfield

      Hey everyone!

      Here’s a list of questions we’ve been seeing a lot of, and the answers!

      (1) If I buy ChampU: The Core Curriculum, how long do I have access?
      Answer: For as long as it is still on the internet! You purchased a perpetual-access license. We’re not about to take it away from you!

      (2) Why buy ChampU instead of check out YouTube videos?
      Answer: While YouTube is a phenomenal resource when you know exactly what to look for and who you trust, ChampU answers the questions that you didn’t even know you had – and we like to think we’re a pretty reputable source for motorcycle riders.

      (3) Help! I can’t login for some reason!
      Answer: We currently only allow one device to be logged in at a time. If you’re logged in elsewhere, log out of that device. If you left your work laptop in the office and are trying to login from your phone at home, logging in should automatically log you out of your other device. If not, please shoot us an email at

      (4) Help! I still can’t login!
      Answer: Are you trying to login to Active? Active is our in-person schools portal and does not communicate with our website, as it is a third-party site. If you’re trying to access the forums or ChampU, please login at or click the “my account” icon on the menu bar.

      (5) I can’t seem to get past this one quiz question. Is it broken?
      Answer: Did you double-check the question prompt? Some of the prompts ask you to “select all that apply,” meaning more than one possible answer might be correct!

      (6) Help! I lost access to my course!
      Answer: You’re probably not logged in. Head to and log in 🙂

      (7) I bought a course but can’t see it! Help!
      Answer: Is the email you’re attempting to login with the same one you used when you created an account during the purchase process? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one that has crashed their login!

      Seng Kwan Ng

        A total bang for your buck. Been waiting a long time for something like this, since YCRS physical lessons are not accessible from where I am from (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

        Thank you team Champ School.

        Alex Hatfield

          Glad you’re enjoying it!!


            Hello! Do you have an example of a drill on YouTube? I’m interested in learning the format in order to see how easy it would be to follow them.


            Alex Hatfield


              Not yet, but fantastic idea! We’ll look into that!

              Dave Leamer

                Can we have a section added for ChampBody? Have Jennifer show us some helpful stretches before our track/road sessions and for after?

                Chris Peris

                  YES! She is putting some stuff together to make some new videos for ChampU!

                  Paul Joseph

                    Thanks for the great YCRS classes and new, excellent ChampU content.
                    Quick question: Any plans for content regarding – stretching exercises (like those briefly done in-person YCRS) and/or bike specific strength training, etc? Thanks

                    Nick Ienatsch

                      Yes Paul, and until we get them on ChampU, do a youtube search for ChampBody with Jenn and/or Chris Peris.

                      Matt Foresman


                        Any insight into when you might be posting the 2022 ChampSchool calendar of events?

                        Chris Peris

                          Hi Matt, thanks for the question. We are currently working with the tracks to lock in our 2022 dates. We have requests in at all of the tracks we went to this year and some new additions for next season! We are currently waiting on confirmation, as soon as we get the bulk of the dates confirmed we will put them out to our mailing list and social media. We don’t have an exact time frame as the ball is out of our court but hoping to have things firmed up by next month. I would suggest joining our mailing list so you will be informed ASAP. Look forward to riding with you next season!

                          Cesar Pina

                            Great content and videos. I’ve been riding for quite a while but I’m always looking for tips and tutorials to apply and improve my riding skills. The “Sporbike Riding Techniques” that I bought way back in 2004 really made an impact in my riding improvement and especially safety, so when I found out about this online training in which Nick Ienatsch was involved it was the easiest and most valuable decisions (purchases) I’ve made so congrats guys, good job and keep it up!!.

                            Cesar from Santiago, Chile.

                            Nick Ienatsch

                              Cesar…We appreciate your note and support!!! -NI

                              STEVE DE LA SERNA

                                Great and comprehensive tool in my toolbox that improved my riding skills and riding is more fun now Thank you CHAMP U!

                                Nick Ienatsch

                                  Steve, thanks for the note and your support of Champ U. That’s a great way to think about it: tools in the toolbox. At the school, we talk about riders who only enjoy certain corners because those corners fit their style, their one tool. Who we want to be is the rider who adapts their style to every corner: has a bunch of tools and pulls out the one that works for the situation. And you wrote the magic word: “fun”. More tools, more fun…thanks again…NI

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