Counter Steering

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    Michael Duda

      I’ve watched the Pointy End of the Cone videos. The second one mentions counter steering. What does this mean? By watching the video, it appears to be a smooth application of torque on the handlebars in the required direction.

      I’ve read other outside information that claims counter steering is briefly moving the handlebar in the opposite direction of the intended steering direction. Not only does this action seem abrupt, it looks to me that it only results in the bike righting itself back up. Or am I wrong? Any advice is appreciated.

      Alex Hatfield

        Hey Michael,

        In order for a motorcycle to turn, we need it to lean.
        In order for an upright motorcycle to lean, we need to deflect the tire.
        Counter-steering is the most efficient way to deflect the tire and initiate that whole process.

        How we do it:
        To initiate a left turn (really, to start that deflection), we push forward on the left handlebar (parallel with the earth) or pull on the right handlebar (also parallel) or both. The rate and degree of force is dictated by what we need the bike to do. Need to avoid a sudden hazard? The movement will be pretty quick (but not abrupt). Have a rider on the back and need to turn into a gentle left-hand sweeper? A little pressure forward on the left grip will do the trick.

        Michael Duda

          Thank you. You’ve answered my question.

          I must be doing this intuitively and not fully aware of my actions. I’ll keep this in mind.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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