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      How do you know if you are good enough to attend a ChampStreet course? Thank you

      Alex Hatfield

        Hi SJ!

        Pretty simple answer: Are you comfortable shifting, braking, accelerating and turning on your motorcycle? If so, you’re “qualified” to attend!


          Followup question. The two day champschool, I heard some of the students and they appeared to have race experience, and previous track school experience. Are there regular street riders that attend to improve their on road skills and to experience track riding?

          Alex Hatfield

            Hey SJ!

            A significant percent of our two day schools are pure street riders who have never set foot on a race track. We don’t tell their motorcycle that they’re at a track 😉

            Jeffrey Brodsky

              I’ve the Champ Street course twice. I learned lots from each class. I’ve been riding for 16 years and needed help with turns and twists. The people in the class varied from extremely experienced to very new riders. I think the latter group should be excluded from the class due to the track riding. There also should be graduated levels of riding on the track. Some love to ride very fast on the track, others, like me, just want to cruise along and let others pass. I have seen my riding has improved lots…..I continue to go to a local parking lot and practice as well as go to roads nearby with twists. I would like to take the class every year but that isn’t always practical. I’m glad Champ U is available to review. The guys did a great job with that!!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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