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      Do you have an online course for this course? I live in Spain. Thx

      Keith Culver


        Our core curriculum is online now and we have just finished shooting the New Rider curriculum but it will take a few months to edit and make into a product. Make sure you get on our mailing list (under “Contact” above.


          That’s wonderful. I will check out the contact section. I think I am in the mailing list but just incase. By the way are the courses available in other languages? Even if it was subtitled? Even the English version would be good with a subtitle option as not everyone’s first language is English. I say that as I had to learn Spanish. Even if you have a good level with technical things, as it’s not every day conversation it can catch you out. So subtitles are handy and then you can look up the meaning. You are all very clear and you speak well. So it has nothing to do with accents etc. Being Scottish I know all about that one. ?

          Hans van Otterloo

            I second the suggestion to add subtitles. As Dawn says even though you speak clearly not everyone is a native (English) speaker. At times I found myself going back over certain segments as I did not catch the message the first time around. Alternatively, you could all adopt Dutch accents, but I guess that subtitles are the easier and more useful option. And looking forward to the street course, after all it is on the street where most motor cyclists spend most of their time.

            Alex Hatfield

              Non-English subtitles are definitely something we’re looking into. The difficulty is really how precise we try to be in our language and specific word choices that, if taken out of context, may be meaningless to a translation service or student.

              Hans van Otterloo

                Alex, thanks for replying. The suggestion is to add English subtitles. ‘You say potato, I say potato … let’s call the whole thing off.’ The US version of English spoken during the course is not always clear to an international audience, even those whose English is pretty good. In this instance English subtitels would help.

                Alex Hatfield

                  Ah! We already have English subtitles 🙂

                  Bruce Pendleton

                    I want to thank both Mark and Steve for their great instructions in Colorado this past weekend. This changed my riding life after 50 years as they said it would. I compared it to my second course on brain surgery. Thanks so much Dr Bruce

                    Alex Hatfield

                      So great to hear, Dr. Bruce! What was your biggest takeaway?

                      Hans van Otterloo

                        Hi Alex. Just to make certain I am not totally off my rocker I checked a random video (downshifting – section 2) and in just over three minutes of conversation between three people there is exactly one subtitle (‘friction point’). There might be a case for keeping things simple but this is overdoing it. By subtitles I mean that everything that is being said appears in writing too. Like offered by Netflix and similar providers.

                        Alex Hatfield

                          Good Morning Hans!

                          I just checked that video and found all subtitles intact ( both on the admin side and on the user side. Perhaps try a different browser? I had success with Firefox and Chrome.

                          Bruce Pendleton

                            Angle vs brake or accelerator with speed and direction. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast!!

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