Braking with BMW paralever and linked brakes

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    Jonathan Lai

      I am thoroughly enjoying the online course and gaining valuable knowledge. I need to make changes in my cornering technique and start incorporating trail braking into the corners. As a returning rider, I took additional lessons; however, unfortunately, the same incorrect techniques were taught. I was advised not to cover the brakes with two fingers and instead rely on emergency braking with fully engaged ABS. I’m curious if this braking technique applies when I’m riding my BMW R1250RT with paralever and linked brakes. Since the paralever doesn’t dive as much, I assume there is less feedback from the bike to the rider ?

      Jeff Gleason

        I read somewhere that ABS is generally better in emergency breaking scenario’s than humans. However, with the correct technique, above average skilled riders are able to stop slightly faster without it, but the difference isn’t overwhelmingly significant. Technology can always fail you, so knowing the technique can still save your life. You can also take those braking skills with you on any bike!

        Alex Hatfield

          ABS is a fantastic tool as a safety net for when we make mistakes – but ABS can fail. It is much, much better to rely on technique first than to solely rely on hoping the ABS works.

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