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    Renan Tavera

    Hi everyone I’m still at Body Position. So I want to know if it is discussed somewhere down the line or does champ school encourage or diacourage this kind of technique. It’s been part of my riding for a while but I feel that it’s very hard to perfect. After learning about smooth braking on ChampU, I feel that blipping the throttle compramises it. That you

    James Martin

    According to Ed Bargy Racing school curriculum blipping the throttle is necessary for matching revs to the next lower gear and is something to be mastered.
    Engine braking is a no no and his philosophy on this is braking first and then dropping gears with no engine brake to keep the bike smooth and stable going into a turn.

    His ideas make sense.
    If you drive a manual transmission and heel toe your downshifts it’s the same thing as blipping the throttle on the bike for lower gears.

    I’m no expert by any means but I do blip the throttle out of habit as I’m used to my stick shift in the car and it’s just easier on the tranny and keeps you smooth on the down shifts.
    Good luck. 👍

    Renan Tavera

    Thank you
    That is very informative
    I appreciate it 👍🏼

    Keith Culver

    Well said James. They do make sense.


    Keep on going and you will get to a very thorough module about blipping during downshifts. You even get to hear Chris Peris’ sound interpretation of and engine revving during his great explanation!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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