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      Watched the first podcast on Canyon Chasers today and their first guest was Alex from Yamaha Champ School and here on the forums.
      Great listen and nice to hear you today Alex.
      Here is the link for those interested:

      Alex Hatfield

        Hah! You found me!

        Apologies in advance for looking exhausted and disheveled – I had just finished racing and coaching for two days. In any case, glad you enjoyed the podcast!


          Just saw episode 2. Really enjoy these. Keep up the great work.

          Alex Hatfield

            Glad you’re enjoying them! We plan on doing more for sure.


              Just wanted to add my 2c in here…

              I have been watching Canyon Chasers for a long time, its a great channel. I bought Champ U based on his recommendation and I’m glad I did, both are great information sources and the podcast is fantastic too.

              Alex Hatfield

                Awesome! We’re big fans of Dave and what he does for the sport.

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