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    Eric Osier

    Hey! I was hoping I could get some expansion as to why during the downshifting section, it was briefly mentioned at the end of a video that you should only be using two fingers on the clutch lever? It seemed to me in the video that it was just kind of thrown in at the last minute, and I didn’t hear an explanation. What is the significance of using only 2 fingers on the clutch vs more?

    I understand with the brakes using only a few fingers, but I don’t know why we should use only a few for the clutch. If someone could expand on that, I would appreciate it 🙂


    Eric Osier

    I tried to find the video where this was mentioned so I could specifically reference it, but I can’t seem to find it again. I could have sworn it was in the downshifting section, but I just can’t find it! Anyway, thanks for the feedback on how many fingers to use on the clutch, and why. I’ve already learned so much from this course and I’m grateful for it! I feel so much more confident going through turns using trail braking, and I’m trying to get my downshifting/rev matching down. I just adjusted my brake lever today hoping it will help me get into a finger arch easier: I keep pulling on the brake lever when I try to blip the throttle. In a lot of ways, it feels like I might as well be a brand new rider all over again, because it seems as though everything I learn in this course completely goes against everything I’ve learned.

    Thanks again

    Nick Ienatsch

    Hi Eric, thanks for the comments, glad Champ U is working for you! The thought behind two fingers on the clutch:
    -It’s not a huge deal! But when you quit thinking about “clutch lever” and just think about “friction point”, this two fingers idea makes more sense
    -Using two allows your other two (usually ring and small fingers) to stay wrapped around the bar for better control
    -The two fingers wrapped around the bar give us a good “stop point”…rather than pull the clutch all the way to the bar with four fingers, we just move the lever through the friction point and use the other two as the stopping point
    -A small movement is generally more controllable/quicker/more refined than a big movement, so this idea of getting into and out of the friction point can be done with one-to-four fingers. Some clutch pulls are heavy and using four fingers is less fatiguing. Most of us use two for the reasons above….hope that helps…Nick I.

    Eric Osier

    Yes, that helps. Thanks for the explanation, I appreciate it!

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