30 SEP 2024

One of the most storied racetracks in the United States. Motorcycles. Professional Coaches. You.

Want to improve your riding while being on-track with some of the best riders in the country?

Dainese would like to give you that opportunity. Come experience one of the best race tracks in North America, complete with world class instruction.

Dianese USA is offering you a unique opportunity to ride a freshly-repaved New Jersey Motorsports Park on September 30, 2024.

This is not a standard open track day, but an immersive two-wheeled vehicle dynamics course brought to you by ChampSchool, the premier riding school in North America


This is not just another track day.

Instead, you’ll be guided and taught by some of the best instructors and racers in the country. No matter what level of track riding experience you have, we’re here to help.

The curriculum is tailored for this event to teach you how to maximize the performance of your motorcycle while staying safe and having fun. 

The Dainese Track Experience will run between 8am and 5pm with seven 15-minute track sessions followed by paddock drills and classroom time. The entire event will be catered for lunch. Students will have demo bike opportunities throughout the day, and yes – you’ll get the t-shirt.

This course will be taught at 5:1 student to instructor ratio and a dedicated group just for this experience. Instructors will be national champions, authors, world class racers, team managers, and professional motorcycle instructors Cody Wyman, Robertino Pietri, Stefano Mesa and Hunter Dunham.

Techniques and Principles

Trail-braking and mid-corner adjustment

Visual habits

Champions’ approaches to consistency

Traction studies

Tire and suspension loading

Steering-geometry adjustability

Mental focus tips

Track changes that mimic the real world

Rear-brake drills

Rider-adjustment drills.


Gear Requirements:

  • Full leathers (270* zip minimum, but one-piece strongly encouraged)
  • Full-face helmet (DOT rating minimum, ECE or SNELL preferred)
  • Over-the-ankle motorcycle-rated boots
  • Full-length gauntlet-style gloves, rated for motorcycles
  • Back protectors and/or airbags strongly encouraged.

Motorcycle Requirements:

  • A clean motorcycle in safe, working condition.
  • Nothing leaking
  • Nothing loose/falling off
  • Good-quality tires that hold air and have tread (slicks and warmers are ok too!)
  • Nothing dangerously sharp or protruding (fix those ground-down levers!)


  • We love brake lights! If you have them, let us see them!
  • Kickstands and DOTs are going to be super helpful here.



Cancellation Policy:

In case the Piaggio Group cancels the event for safety or weather, Riders will receive a credit toward a future Dainese Riding Experience event.

Riders may cancel their reservation outside of 14 days for Dainese Riding Experience credit.

Once within 14 days, there are no rider cancellations allowed.