Champions Certified Coach

Champions Certified Coach (3C) – Yamaha Champions Riding School find students often coming to school to better themselves as track day coaches or control riders.  Track Days around the country have often sent their coaches and control riders to YCRS to better their riding and understanding of what works on track.  These clubs have reported less red flags and an over-all higher quality of days with properly trained coaches.

When the guys from N2 Track Days decided to resurrect the old NESBA, they had an uphill battle.  With YCRS moving to the east coast on the same year, they decided to expand on their prior training with YCRS.  Since then, they have grown to be the top track day club on the east coast, and are touted as one of the safest clubs in the country often reporting Zero Red Flag days.  N2 has also initiated ATP (Advanced Training Program) that uses YCRS techniques to take their customers to an entirely new level of riding only surpassed by attending a YCRS class.  Asked about their success, the N2 principles all agree it was a combination of five guys that really care about the sport more than themselves and their training from YCRS.

YCRS now offers a certification program for all clubs that can elevate the level of their control riders and coaches with three steps:

1. Take a ChampSchool

2. Come back and evaluate a ChampSchool

3. Come back as a guest instructor until ready for the certification


Champions Certified Coaches will not only learn what works best on a motorcycle as far as riding techniques, but also come back to learn the methods that YCRS uses to teach Champions Habits.  Champions Certified Coaches will also be put on the top of the list of future YCRS Instructors and be able to use their certification to monetize their skills with programs like N2’s ATP.  As YCRS expands, we feel 3Cs will have a more prevalent role in the future.


Contact here to learn more about costs, benefits, and details for the Champions Certified Coach (3C) program.