Champions Habits: The Core Curriculum


This is an online, immersive two-wheeled vehicle dynamics course. Motorcycles simply work best when given the correct inputs – as engineered by the expert riders who designed them. Learn the techniques, mindsets, and approaches of the best riders in the world and ride safer, faster.

Professional Instruction. World-class results.

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There is a big difference between “forty years of riding experience” and “one year of riding experience, forty times over.”

The Champ U instructors aren’t just random people off the street or internet-famous people with cameras: we employ the best coaches in the country. Professional riders, national champions, lap record-holders, moto-police officers, world-level riders – you get the idea. We hand-select our instructors to provide you with best practices, refined by experience. We’re always happy to answer questions or just talk motorcycles on our Champ U forums.

Whether you are  a new street rider, experienced tourer, crusier, track day rider, or national road racer, we are laser-focused on your riding improvement. We built this course for you to become the rider you’ve always wanted to be. If you are ready to improve, ready to have more fun, ready to ride safer… you’ve come to the right place.


Knowledge for Life

Divided into twelve subjects that contain over 40 videos, 30 drills and 40 quizzes, the Core Curriculum uses a best-practices approach to improve your riding, no matter what road or track you ride.

Ride for Life

The Core Curriculum is designed to make current riders safer, faster. Our priorities, goals, and garage inventories change; set your goals, choose your bikes and ride like a champion. No matter what pavement you ride or what your goals are, we’re here every step of the way.

Designed for Life

The Core Curriculum brings you our world-class ChampSchool course, accessible from the comfort of your own home or ride: the program is 100% mobile-friendly. This course delivers hours of vital riding instruction for every level of rider, all beautifully shot with animation and world class instructors.

Bonus: Each certificate is serialized, so you can send it to your insurance company for a potential discount!

Good for Life

Buy once, access wherever, whenever. Take and retake the course as many times as you’d like. Have your questions answered by our instructors in our students-only forum. Be a part of the growing community and knowledge-based solution for our industry and sport.

Value for Life

This online course is based on our $3,000 in-person, two-day, immersive curriculum.
Like our in-person course, the Core Curriculum is constantly updated to match emerging technologies and techniques. As our sport evolves, so will this course – and your riding.



We’re the Yamaha Champions Riding School.

Led by Nick Ienatsch and Chris Peris, we’ve been the premiere motorcycle training program in the United States since 2008. Our approach to instruction in this sport is simply asking “what are the best riders in the world doing to survive and thrive on two wheels?” We pass these lessons on to our students, developing safer riders, faster. Our curriculum is constantly evaluated and tweaked as the sport progresses, ensuring that our classes teach best practices and not outdated methodology.

This is our core curriculum, based on our two-day, $3,000 2-Day ChampSchool program.

New riders will find that the techniques and lessons presented here will establish a solid, logical, understandable base to carry them safely through their riding careers.

For veteran riders, our course confirms and fine-tunes skills, while introducing next steps that become more and more important as speeds rise or conditions worsen.

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What a great investment. No more searching the internet and only getting conflicting ideas from anyone on what is best practice. Both instruction and instructors are top-notch. This series should be viewed by all riding instructors. My only regret is that, living in Spain, there are no live courses for me to attend, but a million thanks for the online course. I believe these instruction can (and probably already have) save lives. Thank you for this series.


I must say, that I have been riding for over 20 yrs, but this whole course I have taken on here, has given me so much knowledge on the things I have been doing wrong. This school takes it step by step to explain the fundamentals on riding a motorcycle. There is so much material to cover that I will review this over and over. Thank you again for all of this valuable information guys.


Absolutely amazing content, clear instructions with video demonstration of all the concepts, didn’t realize I knew nothing about riding until I went through the course. A definite must for any rider for safety and skill improvement.


I’ve done plenty of courses on the track and on the road, there were still things to learn. Way exceeded my expectations, the clarity of the messaging was excellent and I really liked the people presenting.


When thinking about how to describe the value of the program, my mind went to money because I am a cheap SOB, and I thought the online course was worth easily 10x what I paid. In the real world, in fact, the program is priceless. People will ride better and lives will be saved. I will watch it again and again.


For less than a tank of gas in my truck, I’ve improved my riding, safety, and understanding of the dynamics of motorcycling that will echo into my future.

It takes days to complete [Champ U]. But I could take it at my pace… and man is there good stuff in there! [The lessons in Champ U] need to be going out to everyone who rides a motorcycle.



Without giving away too many spoilers, each multi-part chapter puts YCRS’s traction theory, throttle/brake control, and vision techniques on full display.

Dustin Wheelen


No matter if you are a nugget who just bought your first 390 Duke just getting your motorcycle legs underneath you or an old grey-beard salty-dog with 100,000 miles on your current Road King. Champ U is well worth it.



I especially recommend  you to take their online course, Champ U. It features deep-dives into all the key concepts of going fast, safely.