Offers executive and business teams an opportunity to bond in an environment entirely out of their comfort zone… riding brand-new Yamaha motorcycles on a real race track. As a team, you will learn the critical skills taught to, and used by, the world’s top MotoGP motorcycle racers and Formula 1 drivers… yes… the skills apply to both driving and riding as well as business and life.



Your team will begin with a CHAMPBODY class to help stretch and focus your body before you embark on your experience. We want your team to think about “where am I and what am I doing?” before any activity so they remain “present” in the moment….a key skill to success in any endeavor. The school environment is a combination of classroom and on-bike time. You will feel both fulfilled and exhausted after a full day of riding. CHAMPTEAM is a unique, luxury experience with fully catered meals, all the safety gear including full Alpinestars race leathers, gloves, boots, back protectors, Arai helmets, and the full range of brand new Yamaha motorcycles for you to experience.

Don't Crash Your Coffee

“You will experience the physical challenge and intense mental-focus that the thrill of speed and competition bring, while safely riding amazing machines and coached by phenomenally goal- oriented people.”
Nick Ienatsch, Lead Instructor


In over 18 years running the school, no student has ever been seriously injured, although there have been some bruised egos.


“It was a great day. I learned a lot about how the bike and the road work together and it has made me a better driver. The instructors were very engaging and patient with the diversity of skills we had represented in our group. It was great fun and i would definitely do it again.”

Gilbane III, William J SVP
Gilbane Building Co.

“With a long history of back issues and a short history of motorcycle riding that ended about 30 years ago, I had some trepidation going in. That said, a few hours later, I was going down the back straight at more than 75 mph and howling at the top of my lungs. It was a great experience in every way.”

Brett Parker
VC, CFO, EVP Bowlmor AMF

“They have a super professional staff, coached and trained through each detail of all aspects motorcycling. What an exhilarating experience. I would definitely do it again and again and again- I mean every word I said.”

Karl Ashmawy
President Porta Bella