Most motor police are thoroughly trained in low-speed maneuvering. 

What most motor police don’t get enough of is high-speed training. 

This is where ChampPD comes in.  



  • Designed for Motor Officers
  • Designed by Champions Riding School
    • Only MSF Recognized Tier Three riding school in the United States
    • Creators of the US Marine Corps Rider Essential Skills Training (REST) program
    • Founders of the famed Yamaha Champions Riding School, previously the Freddie Spencer High-Performance Riding School
    • Training provider for H-D engineering department and Back-To-the-Track program
    • Training provider for Bosch Electronics engineering department
    • Training provider for Showa Suspension
    • Level Three training provider for USMC
    • Training consultants for the United States Motorcycle Coaching Asosciation
  • Tested with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department – Motor Unit in the spring of 2018. (Check out the video LVMPD made about the class here)
  • Tested with the Utah Sportbike Association and Utah State Police in the spring of 2019
  • Implemented with the Phoenix and Glendale Police Departments in the fall of 2019.
    • Contact information for reference available upon request.



  • Highway speed training for motor officers based on Champions Habits from Champions Riding School.
  • Champions Habits developed from racing have been proven to make all street riders safer. 
  • Proper Brake Technique at speed.
  • Compensating for lack of ground clearance.
  • Adapting to varying road conditions at speed.
  • Better control during a high-speed chase.
  • How weapons training translates into rider training.
  • Proper eye usage to compensate for the higher rates of speed



  • ChampPD will come to your agency and location to provide training.
  • Can use a local track/ closed course or an open lot/ area that will allow highway speeds


  • Training is provided year-round based on your agency’s riding season.


  • Life-threatening accidents happen at high speeds
  • High-speed techniques best developed at speed (racing)
  • The best way to make safe riders is to make good riders.  Technically proficient riders are safer.


Now what?  Reach out to us at teachme@champschool.com to get more details and see how we can make your motor officers safer by making them better.