For graduates only!  Been to the school at least twice?  Love coming, always learn something new but don’t necessarily need to hear the basics again?  ChampGrad is the program for you!

During the second day of most two-day ChampSchools, we will leave three seats open for graduates to work within your own group…with your own instructor.  ChampGrad is designed to work on what you need.  Bring your CHAMPS evaluations from previous classes and be prepared for lots of video review.

It’s the same philosophy and language as our regular ChampSchool, but hyper-focussed on your specific needs.  As a graduate you have the basic skills, now let’s focus on YOUR vital points, the ones that will give you the most gains in safety and speed.


  • Two-time ChampShool Graduates only!
  • Maximum of three Grads per day
  • Your own YCRS instructor
  • Run on second day of most ChampSchools
  • Lots of video review
  • Grads will merge into the class for certain drills such as point-end-of-the-cone drill and video review but otherwise, work within your group.
  • BYOB Unless otherwise arranged
  • Only $1200