George Dean

“Whether you are a beginning rider or polished racer, YCRS is designed to help you improve your skills and their methods work. Be safer, be faster, learn that based on your personal needs.”

Alex Hatfield

“There are no “levels” at YCRS for that reason: there is no limit on improvement. As I work to apply and refine what I’ve learned, there is no limit on my growth as a rider. Without learning limitations, the mountains, valleys, and canyons of Idaho are going to be an amazing place to ride.”

Trevor Dech

“From the van rides (so important) to the explanations and on-track drills along with the coaching, it was one of the best experiences I personally have had the pleasure of taking part in. I can definitely say that my team and myself have gained so much personally and professionally from this course. So a Big THANK YOU from me for your direction and patience especially since I am a tough student. “


“I had a fantastic time with YCRS. They fundamentally transformed me as a rider and, as someone who is planning on entering the racing arena in the near future, they gave me confidence and a plan. One of the things Nick, Ken, Chris, Mark and Kyle would always say to us is “Have a plan!” And these words apply not only to the track but to our lives. I found their instruction to be inspirational not just as a rider, but as a someone who is committed to personal development.”

Bryan Benitez-Nelson

“I’m getting back into the sport after almost 2 decades away. To earn my wife’s blessing for my future motorcycle purchase, I promised to seek out the best instructors and re-learn the fundamentals. I have attended several motorcycle camps this year and YCRS proved to be just what I was searching for and more.”



Motorcycling is a simple sport, but incredibly difficult to master. The best riders in the world are often working on the same challenges as novice riders, only at a higher level of application and much greater degree of precision. The best part about riding a motorcycle extremely well is that you never stop learning and you never stop getting better. Freddie Spencer (three-time Grand Prix world champion) said he only turned five perfect laps in his entire career, shining light on our life-long learning on two-wheels.

ChampGrad is designed for students who have been through our 2-Day ChampSchool program at least twice and are ready for more specific coaching. The ChampGrad program is a semi-private format with personalized instruction at a 3:1 student-to-instructor ratio. There is no classroom time but a ton of riding. We interview each student to determine needs and prioritize solutions. We then use all the tools available including filming, data acquisition, two-up rides, and specific training drills to address each challenge with laser focus.

Now you know the curriculum, you know the school, you know our Champions Habits approach. So know this: We stand ready to make you an awesome rider at any program you can attend.


  • During day 2 of ChampSchool 
  • Available to any two-time ChampSchool graduate 
  • Semi-private personal program 
  • 3:1 ratio private group where you work on your specific needs without following the curriculum format 
  • Include multiple video review sessions. 

Mark talks about why he keeps coming back to CHAMPGRAD.

08/10-11, Pitt Race, ChampSchool & ChampGrad
August 10 - August 11, 2021 → Pittsburgh International Race Complex

10/18, Buttonwillow ChampDay/ChampStreet/ ChampGrad
October 18 - October 18, 2021 → Buttonwillow

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