Our first two Champ U courses target the mental side of the question; now it’s time for the physical: ChampBody.

For this program we turn to experts in the field of physical conditioning: Jennifer Peris and Dr. Matthew Tolstoy.  This duo teams with our championship-winning instructors to produce rider-specific fitness routines that will allow us to, in world-champ James Toseland’s words, stay mentally focused longer due to less physical limitations.

A motorcycle-specific course that covers mobility, flexibility, proprioception, cardiovascular endurance, strength, nutrition, and more!


While there are a million fitness, mobility, and diet programs that can get you in shape, help you lose weight, or make you stronger, only one is specifically designed to make you better at riding motorcycles:


Better Body. Better Riding.

Ten years ago, we created ChampBody as part of the in-person 2-Day ChampSchool curriculum. ChampBody is an expansion of the concept of Champions Habits: The techniques, approaches, skills, and mindsets of the best riders in the world. Instead of simply focusing on riding techniques, ChampBody focuses on the physical preparation of the best riders in the world to take your riding to the next level.

Jennifer Peris has owned a motorcycle dealer, run a MotoAmerica (formerly AMA) Race Team and is the creator of what has now become ChampBody. As a yoga teacher (RYT-200), Jennifer worked with her husband Chris, both at races and at schools developing ways to support riders body position, recovery and comfort on the bike. Jennifer has been supporting Champ School since 2013. When she is not helping at Champ School, Jennifer is an Intimacy Coach.  Chris likes to say that there are “two riding coaches” in the Peris Household. 

Dr. Matt Tolstoy is an orthopedic rehab clinician out of New York City. He has been on staff at NYC Ballet and has treated players in the NFL, MLB, as well as several racers in the MotoAmerica paddock. After first attending Champ School, Matt was inspired to bring the worlds of performance and body rehabilitation to motorcycle riders through partnership with YCRS. Every day in the clinic, Matt teaches the Champions’ habits of focus, having a plan, and remaining calm under stress to his patients.

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