Non-Riders, New Riders, and Returning Riders. This course goes beyond the parking lot to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to be a successful motorcyclist in the real world on real roads. This intensive online school brings you two-wheeled best practices proven in the real world. The best riders understand motorcycle dynamics and how their inputs affect everything from steering to traction to stability…and so will you.

Less than $20, this course is the first step in a life-changing process of developing a new skill set, making new friends, finding new adventures, and sharing them with others. Yes, a process: there is a logical, understandable, explainable,  doable process to becoming a safe and confident motorcycle rider. That process is outlined and defined in Champ U: New Rider.

Pass a Test or Learn to Ride?

Most new rider courses are designed to help you pass the licensing test. We took a different route: we designed this course from the ground-up to give you the mental and physical skills you need for the real world, not the parking lot.

This is not a license-waiver course. This is a skills course.

Welcome to Motorcycling!

 Whether you are just interested in knowing more about motorcycles, preparing for an endorsement test or course, or just returning to motorcycles after years away, this course is for you.

The number of miles ridden or the age at which one acquired their first bike is not what makes expert riders… the approaches and techniques used before and during a ride are what create competent and safe riders at whatever speeds they choose. Champ U focuses on those approaches and techniques, separating myth, theory, and opinion from what truly works on two wheels.


 Our job at Champ U is to bring you championship-proven riding processes that will make you a very good rider in a very short time. Welcome to the process… and the time of your life.

Best Practices = Best Results.

Everything you’ll learn here is based on the concept of Best Practices: the most efficient and effective way to produce proven, best-outcome results. In this context, our curriculum is founded on a simple question: “What are the best riders in the world doing to survive and thrive on two wheels?”

Life isn’t perfect.

Life isn’t perfect, but a good day on a motorcycle is pretty close. We’re here to help take the anxiety out of riding and turn every riding day into a good day. We get it: things happen. The techniques we teach work, even when the day, weather, or traffic goes from calm to chaotic.


There is a big difference between “advice” and “instruction.” Which are you getting?

Our hand-selected instructors have decades of combined riding and teaching experience at the highest levels, including multiple National Championships. Learn the habits and approaches that the best riders in the world use to survive and thrive on two wheels.

We use a Best-Practices approach to constantly refine our curricula and keep you up-to-date on techniques that work when the pace is up or the grip is down. Motorcycles simply work best when given the correct inputs – as engineered by the expert riders who designed them.

Ride Safer, Faster with Champ U.


We’re the Yamaha Champions Riding School. Led by Nick Ienatsch and Chris Peris, we’ve been the premiere motorcycle training program in the United States since 2008. Our approach to instruction in this sport is simply asking “what are the best riders in the world doing to survive and thrive on two wheels?” We pass these lessons on to our students, developing safer riders, faster. Our curriculum is constantly evaluated and tweaked as the sport progresses, ensuring that our classes teach best practices and not outdated methodology.

There is a big difference between “opinion” and “technique.”

Everyone has opinions, and that’s totally okay when we are asking whether this color combination goes well with our motorcycle, but when it comes to how to ride well, we look for technique.

Who we are learning from matters.

Your instructors aren’t just random people off the street or internet-famous people with cameras: we employ the best coaches in the country. National Champions, lap record-holders, world-level riders – you get the idea. We hand-select our instructors to provide you with best practices, refined by experience.

ON SALE: $19.95


Want to supercharge your learning experience? Bundle New Rider and our Core Curriculum and save! The Core Curriculum takes your riding to the next level, perfect for those hungry to improve quickly. By bundling the courses, you’re getting a $150 value for less than $60!

$150 Value
ON SALE: $99.95

Quizzes, Drills, Video Review, and More!

Nothing in this sport is a secret; there truly is no secret sauce. While places like YouTube are fantastic for finding information, how do we search for things we don’t know to look for? How do we sort out who is an authority and who is just a personality? Good versus bad information?

Champ U solves all of these problems. We provide a convenient, updated, comprehensive curriculum in a single location. This format allows new riders to get a head-start on the sport and existing riders to improve and refine their skills.

Each course offers a multitude of drills, quizzes, and tricks to try on your own motorcycles, cars, and even bicycles!

Enrolled students will also have access to live video review, where our professional coaches review your film and provide insight, critique, and next steps for any riding goal.

Cut through the noise and get on the right line, right now.