ChampDay: One-Day Class

ChampDay is one day where we introduce you to these Champions Habits, show you some proper, and sometimes not-so-proper ways of using them to better your riding and overall control of your motorcycle. Give us one day and you will understand why our two-day ChampSchools often have a waiting list to get in.


  • Eight hours of full-throttle focus on the Champions Habits that bring consistency to any pace
  • BYOB: Bring Your Own Bike
  • YCRS ChampSchool graduates can rent YCRS bikes based on availability
  • Track gear required: leathers or full-coverage suits
  • ChampDay includes classroom study, on-track drills, open-lapping, lead/follow with YCRS senior instructors
  • 8:1 Student to Instructor ratio
  • Curriculum designed by Nick Ienatsch and Chris Peris
  • Techniques and topics include trail-braking, emergency-braking, tire-loading, suspension and chassis dynamics, body position, visual techniques, mental approaches, corner-to-corner grading system, mid-corner stops, on-track changes that mimic the real world

Just what I needed to learn in an affordable package…now I want to do ChampSchool!



  • Tuition:  $500 (going to $600 in 2019)
  • Motorcycle Rental: $300 (Only when available, only at NJMP and ONLY for YCRS ChampSchool Graduates)
  • Catastrophic Insurance for rental: $100  




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