Yamaha champion riding school beat the heat

YCRS Operations Manager Keith Culver Offers Real Incentives for Summer Schools!

“I have one word for my YCRS experience: WOW! I’ve been training kids at NJMiniGP for 10 years, and fairly successfully. I’ve sent multiple kids up to the big tracks through a partnership with the local youth road racing team and have watched some of these kids (that I started teaching on little 50s) make it to the Red Bull Rookies Cup try outs in Europe and into AMA professional road racing. I thought I had the secret! That is until last week when I attended the Yamaha Champions School (YCRS). The program at YCRS was so thorough, so precise, and so much better than anything that I could have expected, I found myself wondering how anyone can make it in this sport without going through this program.” – Ryan Fleming, Owner of NJMiniGP.

“As the new guy at YCRS I was flabbergasted by the phenomenal training I now get to witness. I had to get Ryan to see this program first-hand because he would be able to start his kids off even better than he already does. As the YCRS Director of Operations and the owner of Evolution Racing, the youth team that most of the MiniGP kids come to, I knew that exposing Ryan to YCRS would bring his program up to an entirely different level.” – Keith Culver, Evolution Racing and YCRS

Ryan’s last words to Keith as he left the NJMP Paddock last week were simple: “Everybody needs to realize that YCRS is the real deal. It can and will help save our sport, 20 riders at a time.” His words caused Keith to wonder what needs to be done to get more riders here to learn how to go faster AND safer. What are the road blocks? We sold out in June, the reviews are rave to say the least, yet we still have open seats in July. Can it be the heat in July? Yeah it’s hot, but only a few degrees more than June.

How about a Summer incentive for all of you on the fence about attending YCRS at NJMP? The school is not inexpensive but to everyone that has taken it, it is worth every penny. The costs are high to put on such a quality program and we are confident that it’s just a matter of time before the snowball reaches the top of the hill and starts rolling down just as it did when it was the Freddie Spencer School in Vegas and then again as YCRS at Miller. So to keep the momentum of this snowball being pushed to the summit, we would like to offer some incentives.

Our rate is normally $2395. This includes our brand new Yamahas for two days, our Dunlop Q3 tires, our fuel, catered breakfast, catered lunch, a banquet dinner, and the best motorcycle rider training available. How can we make this better? We consider a sell-out 22 students per class. We can handle 24 but 22 seems to work best. If we can get 18 riders registered for a school, everyone in that school will only have to pay $2195. If we hit 20 students, everyone’s cost will drop to $2095. AND if we can get to sell out status (22) we will only charge everyone $1995! This for all the same benefits that normally cost $2395. In order to make this work, sign up at the regular price and when we hit our marks, we will refund the difference of what you paid to what the final discounted price will be. So if you sign up now for $2395 and we hit 22, you will get a $400 refund .

Don’t hesitate because when this snowball reaches the summit and starts to roll as it has in the past, these discount programs will be few and far between. Come and experience the program that changed Ryan Fleming’s world, and will now affect the world of every NJMiniGP rider.

Please email teachme@ridelikeachampion.com with any questions.