Yamaha Champions Riding School Champions Certified Coach (3C)


Champions Certified Coach (3C) is a certification program for riders that are track-day coaches, control riders, instructors, MSF-type Rider Coaches, or wish to become any of these. 

The program is designed to elevate the quality of coaching in the industry to a higher level. We want coaches to be able to formalize their ability to teach what the best riders in the world are doing. The certification also gives them the recognition they deserve for taking their education and their riding to the next level in a desire to pass along their knowledge to the greater community. 


It is proven that teaching others is one of the best ways to improve yourself and coaches who have experienced higher levels of riding and learning are better equipped to pass that knowledge down.  Champions Certified Coaches are considered a step above most other coaches and control riders due to their commitment to the process and advanced knowledge of the sport.



Becoming a 3C is a process: 

  1. Attend a school as a student or be a graduate of the two-day ChampSchool.
  2. Attend a second school as a student where you have requested to be evaluated as a potential candidate for the 3C program, pass a performance (riding) and knowledge test. Standard Tuition applies.
  3. Complete all prerequisites for the United States Motorcycle Coaching Association including a background check, CPR certification, Concussion, Heat Exhaustion, and CardiacWise online courses.
  4. Return to a ChampSchool to evaluate from the sidelines and pass a knowledge test. (Free)
  5. Return for a Two-Day Final Exam during a ChampSchool where you will be asked to participate, tested on your knowledge, and have your riding evaluated. ($1200).
  6. Submit your 3C Certification to USMCA for Coach Certification.


Remaining a Champions Certified Coach has two requirements:

 1. Return once per year to take a school at half-price where you will participate and be tested to assure you are keeping up on your Champions Habits.

2. Maintain your USMCA Certification.


The benefits of a 3C are as follows: 

  • Ability to teach and share Champions Habits in your local riding community.
  • Existing coaches of a track day organization will be better enabled to help members improve their skills.
  • Space on the ChampSchool website for potential students to find you.
  • Referral/Incentive program for ChampSchool with financial rewards.
  • Guaranteed Level 1 and 2 certifications with the United States Motorcycle Coaching Association.
  • Ability to purchase affordable coach’s liability insurance (via USMCA).
  • Access to an intro to the track program to implement at home with the support from the CRS staff.
  • On a short list of potential ChampSchool instructors.
  • Professional 3C Pack including polo shirt, decals, handbook, hat, business cards, and referral codes.


If you are interested in applying to be a 3C candidate, please request a full packet with the application by emailing teachme@champschool.com.