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Aril 4, 2017  San Diego, CA
The Yamaha Champions Riding School now has a Yamaha Super-Tenere big adventure bike to rent for training at each of their home locations (NJ or Arizona).
Most adventure riders still spend more time on the pavement looking for that perfect dirt road adventure.  Why not learn how to best navigate that pavement from the best, on a style of bike you may be familiar with?
  • Think the riding techniques are different on an adventure bike like this?   Nope, the proper use of the brakes in combination with your eyes and body are still the same.
  • Think abruptness is OK because the bike is dirt friendly?  Smoothness and LACK of abruptness are the pre-requisite to proper riding technique on every bike.
  • Think trail-braking doesn’t apply?  Trail-braking is Brake-Assisted-Steering and applies to every motorcycle!

Champions Habits apply to these machines as much as any other.

Any Rider, any Bike, any Road (even dirt-roads)