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ChampSchool 2-Day

We want to make you safer, faster, no matter where you are in your riding career. Those two guiding principles drive our immersive two-day ChampSchool program. We include van laps, video review, full catering, and a 4:1 student-to-instructor ratio. It’s an all-in experience for riders intent on motorcycling excellence. Bring your desire and expect great results.

ChampStreet 1-Day

ChampStreet is an 8-hour class held primarily in the paddock area of the facility or on their karting track, often with some speed-controlled track time on the big track. ChampStreet is derived from our two-day ChampSchool program and our ChampMil class taught to the United States Marine Corps and is designed for street riders of all levels. This “ChampSchool Lite” is taught at real-world speeds on your street motorcycle with your street gear, no leathers required.  All bike types are welcome and encouraged, and rentals may be available – scroll down to the rental section for more information!

The Mid-West gets no respect. There are a ton of East Coast events. The West Coast gets all kinds of motorcycle events, but the Mid-West gets neglected. In the past, all of our friends in the Mid-West had to travel to come ride with us, but not anymore. We have found a fantastic Mid-West home at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL just outside of Chicago. The facility is amazing and the track is perfect teaching.

Monday August 5 and Tuesday August 6 will feature our game changing 2-Day ChampSchool. This is for any rider, any bike, and any road. You are more than welcome to bring your bike. Any brand or type of bike is welcome. If you are flying in or simply want to ride something different, we will have a complete selection of Yamaha MT-07’s, MT-03’s, MT-09’s, YZF-R6’s, YZF-R3’s and YZF-R7’s available for a true “arrive and ride” experience for our 2-Day ChampSchool program.
Don’t have leathers? Traveling light? We world’s best safety gear from Dainese and Arai. We will have huge inventory of Dainese leathers, boots, gloves, back protectors and helmets available. Make sure you sign up early with your sizing.

Tuesday August 6 will also feature our 1-Day ChampStreet program.
ChampStreet will be an 8-hour class held in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway paddock area, and speed-controlled laps on the track. Derived from our 2-Day ChampSchool program, ChampStreet is like “ChampSchool Lite” and is designed for street riders of all levels. The course is taught at highway speeds on your street motorcycle with your street gear, no leathers required.
We have partnered with EagleRider to provide a host of rental options for our ChampStreet program. Contact them directly at for options and pricing.
All of our in-person schools come with complimentary access to our Online Champ U: Core Curriculum. This gives every student the opportunity to study the curriculum before you get to the event. This base layer of information greatly improves the experience and internalization of information.
Email with any questions.


Learn Best Practices, Not Traditions.

We do not believe in different levels or that novice riders should learn different techniques than advanced riders. We simply believe there is a consistently safe way to ride a motorcycle at whatever speeds you choose… Regardless of whether commuting, touring, or racing.

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Race Track

Located in Joliet, Illinois, the Autobahn Country Club is a driver’s paradise only 45 minutes from downtown Chicago. The track also has country club amenities including a great cafe, clubhouse, and many spectator viewing areas to catch the action.

The South Circuit of Autobahn Country Club is a 2.09-mile, 15-turn road course designed for racing clockwise, with nine right-handers and six left-hander turns. 


  • Nearest Airport: Chicago O’Hare
  • Nearest Hotel: Hollywood Casino Joliet

Which Program is Right for You?




EBAB24 – Valid until 6/5/2024



EBAB24 – Valid until 6/5/2024

Motorcycles & Gear Rental

ChampSchool Rentals

Ready to roll? Just show up and ride! You can bring your gear or rent ours. We’ve got a fantastic selection of top-grade bikes and gear. Rentals are available for two-day students.

ChampStreet Rentals

We have partnered with Eagle Rider to provide a host of options for our ChampStreet program. Contact them directly at for options and pricing.


  • R3 – Very new rider. Very short rider (lowest seat height). A rider who rides a 300/400 at home and likes the smaller displacement bikes.
  • R7 – Rider who is used to or wants the sportbike body position but does not have much or any experience on the track. You still get the sportbike feel which works well on the track but the power, although less overall, is much more usable and easier for those who have never been on the track.
  • R6 – Best for experienced riders and riders with track experience.  Best for those who want a razor-sharp weapon and can get the power out of the R6 because it is all up on top of the rev range.
  • MT-07 – Newer riders or new to the track and prefer the upright seating position
  • MT-09 – More experienced riders who are used to more power and like the upright position of the MT lineup
  • TracerGT – Best for really tall riders or riders who typically ride ADV bikes

What Can I Do to Get Ready for School?

This is a common question and you might be asking it yourself. Our answer is: stretch, get hydrated, well rested, and study Champ U: The Core Curriculum – the online course we send to every student enrolled in our in-person programs. The in-person programs put a great deal of information in front of the students, and Champ U introduces the vocabulary and concepts in a way that makes the in-person school less initially overwhelming for students.

Still not convinced? Try Champ U and see for yourself.

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